Five Fun Ways to Get to Know Your Roommates

Moving in with roommates you don’t know can be one of the most intimidating things about being out on your own for the first time. Up to this point, you’ve probably been living with your family, whom you’ve known forever! It might be awkward at first, but the quicker you get to know your roommates, the more enjoyable your experience in your first apartment can be. Read ahead for five great ways you can get to know your roommates.

Play games together

A simple way to get to know your roommates is just to play games together. Whether you’re a board game addict or a video game fanatic, you and your roommates can team up or face each other for a quick bonding experience. Simple party games that involve a lot of face to face communication are especially great here and can help you quickly get to know your roommates on a more intimate level. You can each invite your other friends to help grow your social circle together.

Cook a fancy meal

They say food is the common denominator that brings people together, and that couldn’t be more true with roommates. You and your new roommates will be eating most of your meals in the same space anyway, so why not try cooking together? Not only will doing so help you get to know your roommates, but it’ll also help all of you avoid the money lost by wasting food when you cook too much for one person. Each of you could take turns showing the others how to cook a family recipe, or you could try something that’s new for all of you.

Binge a TV show together

One thing that brings many roommates closer is choosing a TV show to watch together. Whether you’re into crime documentaries, sitcoms, reality TV, or anything else, there’s sure to be a show out there that you and your roommates will all love gathering in the living room to watch together. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll bond with your roommates when sharing laughs or tears during your apartment’s show of choice.

Find common taste

Another easy way to get to know your roommates is just to find common taste in the things you like. Pinpointing music, movies, a style of decor, or anything else you have in common will help you easily make conversation with your new roommates and avoid some of the awkwardness that can come from sharing a home before you know each other well. You can take hints from any pictures or posters your roommates have hanging on their walls, or you can simply ask them what they like.

Explore the town

Especially if you’ve moved to a new town, one of the best ways to get to know your roommates is just to explore the town together. Try visiting small local restaurants none of you have been to before or explore different shops around town. For a unique adventure you could try thrifting together or exploring local farmer’s markets. You’ll be surprised at how much there is to do in your town that you might not have known about before.

While it might be a little nerve-wracking at first, getting to know your roommates will make your first time living away from home so much better! If you make time to spend time together, you could develop a friendship that lasts long after your time living together.

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