What Is a Garden Apartment?

The term garden apartment might not necessarily mean a living space with direct access to green space. Garden apartments describe a style typically no more than three stories tall (with some exceptions) surrounded by green areas designed for community access. Garden apartments may include lawns, small stylized nature parks, and community garden spaces. They can be found often in cities and suburban communities but are more common in rural areas due to these regions’ growing interest in small-space rentals.

What Is a Garden Apartment

These styles of apartments offer access to green spaces or involve specialized outdoor elements. They usually include balcony spaces for tending to medium or large potted plants or small box planters. Larger, first-floor apartments will sometimes offer private patios for gardening. 

Some garden apartment communities have clubhouses, playgrounds, community gardens, pools, and lots of outdoor space. Although these things aren’t required to be considered a garden apartment or a garden apartment community, they aren’t uncommon. Additionally, a bigger first-floor apartment in a high-rise building might be described in its listing as a garden apartment if it has a private patio or garden area.

The mindful design of a garden apartment complex intends to provide people with space to exercise, walk dogs, grow food, and enjoy the outdoors. These inclusions will influence the prices of garden apartment listings, but you might be surprised by how affordable some of these spaces can be. 

When accessibility is a concern, garden compartments usually comprise two to three stories. They include more property given their open layout, so a garden apartment complex may be further from city centers and busy shopping districts. That makes them a great fit if you’re interested in generally quieter areas. For those who work nights or consider themselves night owls, partially underground garden apartments may offer something more comfortable.

Garden apartments are vulnerable to bad weather and constant exposure to the elements, but they allow you to save money on air conditioning when the weather is fair. That’s because they often come with large front windows. They also come with open balconies, but both these and the large windows may feel too openly visible to passersby. People may be able to see into your unit from the street or sidewalk, so consider investing in cute blinds and curtains to maintain your privacy while changing the coloration or how much light is allowed into your space. 

Those looking to buy rather than rent know these properties will appreciate more slowly. That can naturally, by market coincidence, allow you time to invest and improve on the property in hopes of upselling. Anything of interest and available in the immediate surrounding areas will drive prices very quickly.

How do you think garden apartment complexes could be optimal for community food growing and mental health? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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