Do You Need a Mattress Topper?

Proper rest is the foundation of healing and a healthy lifestyle. The mattresses we sleep on support our bodies to give us optimal sleep, but like our bodies, they also wear down over time and need protection. A mattress topper can help maintain the integrity of both. But do you actually need one, or is it just nice to have? Find out below.

What does a mattress topper do?

Tossing and turning takes a toll on a mattress, which may gradually start to sag, dent, become misshapen, or rip with time. Mattress toppers can help slow or prevent this decay, and they can do so many other things as well. How well it supports you or keeps you cool can be determined by the quality and materials used to create it.Do You Need a Mattress Topper

Types of mattress toppers

Latex mattress toppers support joints and bones, providing extra relief for those with some styles of arthritis or chronic skeletal conditions. A topper made from latex will improve posture and spinal alignment. Natural latex is very durable, antimicrobial, and non-allergenic (unless you have a latex allergy). It’s typically more firm than memory foam, but with some rebound. If your partner tosses and turns at night, latex resists motion transference, keeping you comfortable and asleep.

Memory foam mattress toppers are dense and soft, and they reduce the pressure on your joints. If a new or old mattress is too firm for your preference, a foam mattress topper can behave as a cushion to make your rest more comfortable.

Feather mattress toppers are some of the softest, and they feel quite delicate too. A mattress that was too hard in the past might be a perfect fit for a feather topper, but the filling can settle in uncomfortable, random lumps over time.

Polyester-cotton blends, also known as fiberfill, are a good substitute for those who like the feel of feathers but might be allergic. These toppers, while initially fluffy, tend to squash down quickly, leaving relatively little support or extra padding.

Wool mattress toppers are comfy and great for regulating heat. However, they’re somewhat rare, and they can be very expensive.

Do you need a mattress topper?

Despite adding a quality mattress topper, a saggy or hard mattress may still offer unsatisfactory rest. You may fare better relieving yourself of an uncomfortable, low-quality mattress rather than trying to fix it. When choosing whether or not to invest in a mattress topper, remember that it should enhance your mattress rather than hiding or fixing problems.

The disadvantages of mattress toppers are that they can be hot, have distinct odors, and be expensive. Some can be too heavy to place down on your mattress alone. A mattress topper may also exaggerate structural damage in a mattress, and it may be challenging to find the perfect size. 

When choosing a topper, be sure to take careful measurements of your mattress or consult your mattress’ paperwork for information concerning its dimensions. Although a mattress topper won’t fix a mattress, it will significantly increase its comfortability and allow you to prolong its life, especially if it’s new or like-new.

What is your favorite style of mattress topper, and how does it benefit you? Sound off in the comments!

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