How to Decorate With Comfort in Mind

Renters like yourself often spend ample time making their apartments look cute or unique, and it can be a costly and strenuous ordeal. It can also make your space weirdly uncomfortable if you don’t do it right.

Going for something comfortable, familiar, and inspiring is vital because your imagination constantly interacts with your environment. That’s why it’s so important to prioritize what you like and how you feel rather than what other people think is chic or cool. Below, learn how to decorate with comfort in mind.


Can a space be genuinely comfortable without somewhere to stretch out and put your feet up? Thrifting used furniture is an easy way to populate your apartment with comfy, lightly used seating (though you should be careful when buying secondhand). How to Decorate With Comfort in Mind

A broken-in couch or a sturdy used ottoman might be exactly what your living room needs before it’s truly perfect for your much-needed afternoon nap. Similarly, going for comfort over looks can mean choosing the plush, soft chair that looks a little less cute than the beautiful, unsupportive one. 


Redefine feng shui for yourself and set your room up to suit your everyday activities. Think ergonomics when you arrange your furniture so that it’s a help rather than a hindrance when you have things to do. Make clear paths to places that need to be readily accessed. Arrange your chairs so that you and any guests you have over can comfortably watch TV together.


For the cold times of the year, turn to a knit blanket or sweater that a friend or family member made for you. Keeping these comfort items neatly tucked away in your chill space can help you save a little money on your heating bill too. Why crank up the heat if you’re already warm?

Some ottoman stools double as storage and are perfect for hiding blankets, sweaters, and pillows for movie night. Sure, homemade blankets might not be the most attractive decoration, but the warmth comes from more than just what you see. Sometimes it’s better to choose something that reminds you of your childhood instead of more aesthetically pleasing items. Sentimental art pieces and old, treasured pieces of clothing make your home special. 

Plants and candles

Life is precious, and your space can be a reminder of how incredible it can be. Having other living things in your space can be uplifting, and having a plant-tending responsibility to fulfill can satisfy the nurturer in all of us. Taking care of indoor plants can get you emotionally connected to your space and make apartment living less lonely and more visually vibrant.

Candles can add pleasant, natural lighting and smell great. Used candles show that you’re living your fullest life. Nothing says cozy like curling up on the couch to read by candlelight with your favorite houseplant too. Try incense or smudging herbs if candles are already your thing.

Color scheme

Different hues on the color wheel have different personalities and feelings to them. Choose a color to match the atmosphere you’re trying to create in your relaxation space and paint the walls. Make sure to put up family photos and generationally-passed art pieces after painting so your apartment truly feels like home.

How do you make your apartment cozy and unique? Sound off in the comments!

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