How to Decorate for Fall on a Budget

With the cozy autumn season just starting, your apartment decor may need an update to match the atmosphere. Something about the slow change in seasons and seeing the trees in preparation for winter brings out the ghoul in all of us. Or maybe that’s just Halloween being around the corner. Either way, if you’re looking to switch up your vibe from spring to fall, here are some ideas on how to decorate for fall on a budget.


Autumn is a season full of holiday celebrations that call for festivity and feast, so reorganize your kitchen and dining space to accommodate guests and loved ones. Open up your seating and clear the area around the sink and oven. If your kitchen has windows, try changing the blinds to a warm, deep saturated orange or yellow for the season. Warm drapes create a refreshing color scheme in your space that will remind you of the early fall trees and sunset.How to Decorate for Fall on a Budget

Fall kitsch

What’s your style? Be honest. Are you the person with the fake cornucopia and plastic houseplants in storage or the one who buys styrofoam tombstones at the dollar store every year? Regardless of your taste, go all the way! Turn your house into a haunted house with homemade ghosts made from old bedsheets. Cheap, fake decorations might be a little silly, but you won’t need to buy them again if they’re stored carefully. 

As fall decor goes, being reminded of nature is a huge source of solace for many of us. Set a fake bouquet of flowers blooming out of a plastic pumpkin for a wholesome, cute, and thematic decorative piece. If you live on the east coast, fill a clear vase with acorns since they’re free and won’t spoil. Bring out your favorite knit cardigans and skip buying new cold-weather clothes. They’ll make it one more year, right?

Fall social life on a budget

Let’s face it, hanging out is expensive. Worse yet, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues, you may not be seeing too many of our friends and families. Many of us may only regularly run into roommates and immediate family. We can use this as a perfect opportunity to save money and be more expressive with our fall decorations since they’ll only be for a small in-group.

Sustainability season

After record temperatures this past summer, it’s finally starting to cool down. Shut off that A/C and open up the windows for natural light that can act as a lovely fall decoration. Your brain, your pockets, and the environment will all appreciate it. 

Additionally, cheap candles can help add to your wholesome or spooky fall season atmosphere. Try carving out an apple and setting a candle inside for a cheap apple pie aroma in your apartment.

How do you save money getting decorating for the fall? Sound off in the comments!

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