What is a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

While you’re hunting for a new apartment, you might have seen something unusual in online listings. Namely, you’ve seen something called a “Jack and Jill bathroom” and wondered, what could that be? However, many people actually hunt far and low for this style of bathroom since there are several advantages to having one. Below, learn what Jack and Jill bathrooms are and why they might be right for you. 

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For starters, a Jack and Jill bathroom is a bathroom you can access from two different bedrooms. These shared, yet still private, bathrooms save space and are great for larger families with kids. A Jack and Jill bathroom can be of great use in caring for the elderly with disabilities or people who need assistance. They’re not quite as common in spaces you’d move into as first apartments, but they’re not impossible to find there either.

Ease of use due to space

A typical Jack and Jill bathroom has two sinks. With two sinks, you and the roommate with whom you share the bathroom can do things together such as brushing your hair or teeth in a group. This arrangement can have an unusual and exciting effect on you and your roommates’ social lives.

What is a Jack and Jill Bathroom

Additionally, the two sinks in Jack and Jill bathrooms leave room for extra storage beneath each. That means plenty of space for bathroom essentials like soaps and grooming tools. Making sure you have the right amount of storage for towels or other bath accessories for several peoples’ use will have your Jack and Jill bathroom functioning at its highest. 

Privacy and efficiency at once

A lock on each door will ensure privacy when necessary. Either way, a semi-municipal bathroom space like a Jack and Jill bathroom needs to be roomy. Be mindful of how the space will be used when viewing or designing one. You’re going to need some elbow room when you’re brushing your teeth.

A washroom is an active space that must be used several times a day for many different reasons. A Jack and Jill bathroom is thus more about space efficiency than luxuriousness. 

Ideally, you’d never have any conflict with your roommates as you rotate in and out of your shared bathroom with the slightest of ease. In reality, though, two people will often need to use the bathroom at the same time. This is the primary drawback of how efficient Jack and Jill bathrooms can be as space goes, but there are others as well.

Between two rooms

Rearranging furniture in the bathroom and adjacent rooms can help to lessen the annoying noises that can leak into bedrooms from shared bathrooms. Tall furniture and wall-mounted storage can absorb and soften sound. Rugs and carpets can dampen noise reflected off tile or porcelain. Consider these ideas when you’re organizing your belongings into a Jack and Jill bathroom. 

Make sure your space is organized

The more fluid and ergonomic you can make your communal bathroom, the less trouble will arise. Over-the-toilet shelves, over-the-door hooks, and properly sized cabinets under the sinks will help make sure that everyone can breathe in there.

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