The First Apartment Guide to Induction Cooktops

Do you know the new craze stylistically defeating the gas stovetop in hip restaurant kitchens across the world? The electromagnetic induction cooktop feels somewhere between magic and mad science. You can also find them in some apartments. Below, learn all about them.

What are induction cooktops?

Induction is the generation of electricity through magnetic force. Beneath the cooking surface of an induction cooktop, there is a coil that produces alternating electric currents. These flows generate a magnetic field that has a circular current, which is known as induction. 

Unlike an electric stovetop that uses a set of heated metal coils, an induction cooktop is a hotplate that uses the force of electromagnetic induction to heat food. When any pan containing iron is set on the cooking surface, it becomes part of the electromagnetic circuit, and the pan begins to conduct heat.The First Apartment Guide to Induction Cooktops

Perfect for saving energy and space, induction cooktops are a safe, clean alternative to the danger of cooking with potentially harmful gas and electricity. Any smaller induction cooktop could be just the right size for your partial or no-kitchen apartment space. The induction cooktop boasts famously even, consistent heating throughout the pan.

3 tips for using induction cooktops

An induction cooktop is a fascinating, futuristic, and stylish addition to any kitchen setup. With a cooking style almost like microwaving, here’s how to use an induction cooktop.

1. Induction heating basics

An induction cooktop works like any other stovetop, but a pan on an induction cooktop heats up and cools down faster than any pan on a gas or electric stovetop. An induction cooktop can bring a pot of water to a boil two to four minutes before a gas stovetop. Keep this in mind so that you don’t burn your induction-cooked meal or let it go cold in the pan because you’re used to a longer cool-down time.

2. Safety measures

When you’re looking for the right frying pan for your induction cooktop, check for “induction compatible” labels or bring a magnet to the store. If the magnets attach themselves to the pan with some vigor, the pan will work on the cooktop. 

Many induction cooktops won’t get hot if there’s nothing on the surface, which makes them fire-safe for the memory-challenged. In the professional world, induction cooktops are known for keeping kitchens cool and reducing the severity of burns. Some newer models include LED displays that indicate whether or not the surface is hot or the unit is on.

3. The process

Once you’re certain you have the correct pans, turn on your induction cooktop. Your induction-safe pan or pot should heat rapidly as soon as it touches the plate

Easy to install and height-adjustable, many induction cookware models are also portable and can be carried around and used anywhere indoors or outdoors. Say goodbye to nasty stovetop food splatters, singed fingers, and spending all day in front of the stove.

Have you tried using induction cookware in your kitchen? Sound off in the comments!

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