How to Prepare to Move Out

Moving out can be difficult. From packing up your possessions to dealing with utility and property management, relocating is a truly daunting task. But, it doesn’t need to be. Here are some tips on how to prepare to move out.

Dedicated saving

Save money and be dedicated. Try to diligently put money away every pay period in the weeks before your move-out date. You can more quickly resolve emergencies with proper funding, and many issues may feel less urgent when you have the money to care for unforeseen issues or expenses. Prepare for utility start-up fees, transfer fees, and a move-in night dinner order. Being prepared financially is of the utmost importance when you’re looking for a new apartment.

Start today

Visualize the result of your move as soon as you’ve decided to relocate. Take this time to say goodbye to your living space as you go through your home and your things. Most importantly, start packing now.How to Prepare to Move Out

It’s never too early to begin collecting boxes, bubble wrap, and newspapers. Cardboard boxes and other packing materials can be expensive, so start collecting them well ahead of time to spread out your spending and remain within your budget. 

Organize your belongings and keep your space neat in the weeks leading up to the move. Active preparation will keep your stress levels down and confidence up.

Be careful

Prioritize safety when packing, storing, and moving sensitive and fragile items in your possession. Wrap your precious jewelry for safekeeping and cleanliness in either towels or plastic wrap. Use light tape and newspaper to wrap bowls, plates, and cups before stacking them neatly away. 

Protect easily damaged artwork, such as large framed photos or paintings, with extra care. Try wrapping your more delicate art pieces or vinyl records in blankets or towels before boxing them up.

Pack smarter, not harder

Use blankets and towels in the same way you would use bubble wrap. You can make the most efficient use of your space and kill two birds with one stone by packing your precious breakables wrapped in softer household items such as sheets or pillowcases. 

The same logic applies for packing your clothes. Take a clean garbage bag and lift it over your hanging clothes in the closet, starting from the bottom. You can pack the clothes, bagged just like this, into tote bags or suitcases and hang them right back up at your new place. 

Use plastic bags to group items that are alike or things that will end up in the same place, like bathroom supplies or other kitchen utensils, before they go into boxes. Your electronics will be safest wrapped with their respective cables. Suitcases with wheels can be perfect for heavier items that need to get moved. Be creative and as practical as possible with these and other inventive moving techniques.

Do you have any special move-out tips to share? Sound off in the comments?

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