How to Decorate a Small Apartment

Self-expression through interior design can make a tiny apartment feel more like home. Although you might feel limited in your decor, the right decorations can also make a small apartment look larger. If you’re looking to personalize and make the most efficient use of your modest space, here are some ideas for decorating a small apartment.

1. Complimentary choices

Work with what you have and accentuate what makes your space special. Thrift smaller furniture pieces to compliment the shape and size of your apartment. Narrow apartments may look nicer with a long couch. A boxy space might call for a round table in order to accommodate more seating and keep things from being too matchy and cubic.

2. Psychology of space

No matter how much furniture is in a room, the more floor space that’s visible, the more spacious and open the room will feel. Open up your room with furnishings that have thin framing or open designs. An interestingly patterned textile rug under a modern wire-framed table is the perfect mix of edgy, futuristic, minimalistic, and classy.

If your ceilings are low, use patterned wallpaper to make the room feel taller. Vertical stripes can work wonders on the mind in a shallow room. Stylishly mismatched furniture and asymmetrical decoration can also distract from the immediate perception of a room’s size. 

Try not to be too square when you’re hanging paintings, as overt symmetry will make a wall feel crowded and stiff. For the same effect, you could also use hung paintings or other artworks to draw the eyes higher up the wall.

3. Smart storage

Make the most of your limited space by finding furniture that sneakily and stylishly doubles as storage. Openable ottoman footrests, credenzas, and hybridized shelf-coffee tables can be visually stimulating, practical, and exciting. Wall hooks turn jackets, hats, keys, and even bikes into neat hangings that give a room cute color accents. Bookshelves behind the sofa or lining a wall are amazing for storing old novels and textbooks alongside small lamps, plants, framed pictures, and other decorative paraphernalia. 

4. Texture

A feature wall is a great way to accentuate the positive energy in a small space. Don’t like a wall or find one wall to be strange or specifically boring? Turn it into a feature wall through decorative wallpapering, hung paintings, and other artworks. Patterned fabrics can make a space feel vivid, warm, and inviting. Different exciting patterns and fabrics for your curtains, rugs, and couch covers will boldly state your style. 

Color schemes prepare us psychologically to recall certain feelings more readily. Think of how your space makes you feel now, and think of how you want the space to make you feel after redecorating. Plan your elaborate color scheme based on colors you love and help you feel relaxed, productive, fascinated, and cozy. 

For the true aesthetic minimalists and those on a minimalist budget, embrace the freshly repainted white walls of a newly leased apartment. A minimalistic white wall scheme with splashes of texture throughout can be great for anxiety relief, stimulating creativity, and meditation.

Do you have any advice from your experience decorating small spaces? Share it in the comments!

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