Exercising in Your First Apartment: How to Use Resistance Bands

If you like aerobics or yoga, you most likely prefer to use a minimal amount of exercise equipment. For the latter type of exercise, resistance bands are a great addition to any in-apartment gym. They’re also great for anaerobic exercises, making them incredibly versatile.

According to one study, using resistance bands can triple your gains because they bring more dynamic resistance to your workout. To start using them in your first apartment, just follow the below tips.

Why should I use resistance bands?

While you work out with resistance bands in your apartment, you can make more gains than with other equipment. While using resistance bands, you’ll experience smooth, dynamic changes in tension throughout your workout, thus protecting your joints. With a reduced risk of wear on your joints, tendons, and muscles, you can progress more quickly toward your fitness goals.Exercising-in-Your-First-Apartment-How-to-Use-Resistance-Bands

What sets resistance bands apart?

Dumbbells, or free weights, are common gym equipment, and when you use them, you expel the same amount of pressure throughout a rep. As such, using free weights during a workout can make you feel a dramatic change of heavy to light tension as you push, pull, or otherwise lift. This shift can damage your joints over time, or even immediately if you use free weights that are too heavy for you. None of these problems exist with resistance bands.

Some people may want to push through an exercise with free weights, and in doing so, they might thrust or swing too quickly. Such motions can make your workout routine less effective due to their inconsistency. Resistance bands offer a comfortable, proportional shift in tension, helping to eliminate inconsistent habits in your workouts.

How can I use resistance bands in my workouts?

If you don’t know how to work out with resistance bands, here are a few beginner exercises you can try:


With your feet hip-width apart, twist with your resistance band by standing on the center of the band. With your arms by your side, bend your elbows and bring your hands up to shoulder level with your palms facing forward. Your knees should be slightly bent while you rotate your upper body to the left. Turn back to the center, rotate to the right, and turn back to the center to complete one rep.

Bicep curls

For a good arm workout, stand on the resistance band and hold a handle in each hand to do bicep curls. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. The band should be divided evenly into three parts: the section between both feet, the section between your right hand and right foot, and the section between your left hand and left foot. For one rep, curl your arms upward as slowly and evenly as possible. 

Resistance band squat

Resistance band squats are a great leg workout. With your feet just wider than shoulder-width apart, stand on your resistance band. Hold the resistance band’s handles just like you would a barbell. Squat slowly and keep your back straight. Additionally, rise slowly to get the benefits from the resistance band.

Have you ever used resistance bands? If so, how do you use your resistance bands? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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