When’s the Best Time to Move Into Your First Apartment?

When you’re preparing to move into a new apartment, timing is everything, and every season has its benefits and drawbacks. How you benefit from the time of year will depend mostly on your budget, preferences, and needs. If you’re looking to make your upcoming relocation perfect in every sense, below, discover when’s the best time to move into your first apartment.

Moving in the fall

Autumn is the most temperate, stable time of year. While summer may have longer days, a shady fall afternoon or evening can make moving heavy furniture or driving considerable distances more doable. 

If you move in the fall season, you’ll make sure your apartment is ready just in time for the winter holiday season. And there’s no housewarming party quite like a small New Years’ celebration! You may be able to find more affordable deals around this time as the housing market slowly downturns for the cold season, putting the ball in the buyers’ court.

Moving in the winter

When's the Best Time to Move Into Your First Apartment

Winter weather can stop a move in its tracks. However, if you live in a milder climate, winter weather may not be an issue. Plus, as the demand for moving teams dips in the winter, so will their prices and scheduling conflicts. 

Remember to be careful on the road during the winter for more than just weather reasons. These few months are the densest with holidays, which can lead to traffic and even drunk drivers. 

As winter turns to springtime and the weather changes, the rates for moving teams or vehicle rentals may not follow suit until about June. Spring might thus be the best time to move if you hope to avoid high temperatures, low temperatures, and other extreme weather conditions. 

Summer rush

The moving vehicle rental season peaks right around the end of May or the beginning of June. Summer will yield the widest selection of available rental companies because it’s the time when most people are looking to make a move. 

Almost 60% of moves in the U.S. will happen in the summer thanks to kids’ summer break and the nice weather conducive to travel. For those who maintain a do-it-yourself ethos, a long summer day might be the best opportunity to move out of your old spot and into a new one. 

Save money 

Those trying to save money while relocating should choose a late fall, winter, or early spring move. For those looking for the most varied housing options, try the summer or fall. If you’re interested in the best prices, try the winter and spring. Those with school-age children should consider a summertime move. Those who strongly prefer to move in mild weather may want to move during the fall or spring. 

Move mid-week or mid-month

Regardless of the season, you’ll save money on your move by choosing a mid-week, mid-month date. There’s a lesser demand for these dates compared to weekend dates at the beginning and end of the month. With more people choosing to move during these weekends, you’ll be better off choosing a weekday or weekend move in the middle of the month. 

Remember to thoroughly weigh your options when choosing your new apartment (not just your moving options). A smooth move into a more expensive apartment could end up being worse in the long run compared to a tough move into a cheaper place.

When do you plan on moving to your apartment? Sound off in the comments!

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