Three Tips for Using Your Apartment Building’s Pool

If you’re lucky enough to live at an apartment or condominium complex with a pool, you might have questions about the basic do’s and don’ts of communal pool use. After all, you don’t want to develop a bad rep with the complex’s management team or, worse yet, your neighbors. To stay in safe waters literally and figuratively, here are some apartment building pool basics.Three Tips for Using Your Apartment Building’s Pool

1. Know the pool rules

If you bring kids to the pool, they should only play under careful adult supervision. Neither you nor your kids (nor anybody) should run around, near, or into the pool. Diving is also a no-no unless a diving board is present. It’s also a good idea for especially young children to wear swim-safe diapers.

Additionally, most private complex pools will require a code or key for access. It’s not considerate to share this code with people who don’t live at your apartment complex, as doing so may make your neighbors feel that you’re not respecting your privacy or security. Guests should use the space on an invite-only basis, and you should limit the number of people you invite to the pool with you.

To keep the pool clean, you should shower before you swim and wear clean swimwear in the pool. Street clothes are a no-no, as small pieces can come off them, and they can be excessively dirty. Additionally, if there is no clear dress code posted at or near the pool, you may want to ask a superintendent or property manager to explain the dress code.

2. Keep the poolside area clean too

Drinks and food can make or break everyone’s pool experience. Be sure to clean up after yourself and your guests. It’s best not to leave behind any paper plates, aluminum cans, paper wrappers, napkins, plastic utensils, or food. Aside from being unsanitary, leaving these items can attract bugs and even small animals if the pool is outdoors. 

Additionally, it’s best not to use glass bottles because they can break and cause injuries. Blood contamination of the pool, perhaps from cuts after one steps on a broken glass bottle, will most likely require pool drainage and refilling. Nobody wants to be the one responsible for that kind of event, and the property management team may hold you financially accountable.

3. Enjoy yourself and be friendly

While you’re in your apartment building’s pool, always remember: Have fun, be friendly, and remain considerate. It’s essential to be understanding and friendly when engaging with others in this special kind of shared space so that it doesn’t become an ongoing social battleground. Don’t blast your music too loudly, and try to be courteous of others’ personal space in the pool.

If you prefer to swim purely for exercise or as a meditative practice, get to know your pool and the schedule of others in your building. Try to have an early morning or late night swim if you prefer to have time alone or with few people at the pool. Even though you’ll be by yourself, it will still be important to follow pool guidelines.

Do you use your apartment building’s pool? Share your experience in the comments!

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