How to Prepare To Move To Another State

With rent prices fluctuating and gas prices also on the rise, you might be wondering whether you should move to another state – and how much it might cost to get there in the first place. Sounds daunting, right? If you’re feeling a little lost or just need some advice, here are some tips on how to prepare to move to another state.

Plan Ahead

You should plan for your cross-state move months in advance in a diligent, organized, space-efficient manner. Do your best to decide sooner than later whether or not you would rather hire movers or follow a more DIY approach, then plan accordingly. 

A moving team or a rental truck can really be a lifesaver for long-distance moving situations. If you plan to handle the move on your own, it’s a good idea to have your vehicle evaluated for maintenance. You should also set up a roadside assistance plan in case of on-the-road emergencies. 

How to Prepare To Move To Another State

You should also ask yourself: Is your furniture too precious to sell or leave behind for the next renter? Does your job offer relocation assistance? Organize your move-out steps in a list, then execute them in proper order as a countdown to your set departure date.

Assess Your Funding

The earlier you start packing and planning for your future in another location, the earlier you can start saving. Be sure to contact movers (if you’re using them) and ask for estimates. 

Before your departure, cancel your utilities plan at your current apartment. You should also research the utility providers available at your new apartment and be prepared to make service activation payments.

Sell, Repurpose, Donate, and Toss

Whether you choose to hire a truck and moving team or haul your possessions on your own, you should remember to be selective. Some larger or more expensive items you might want to take with you could be worth selling to create a financial cushion for emergency expenses. 

Some items can be repurposed and left for the next renters in your old apartment. Other items, such as clothes or appliances, can be donated. Other items can be tossed to free up space or relieve any tense emotions tied to your soon-to-be prior living situation. Remember, the more items you move, the more you pay.

Moving Utilities

While you need to save money for a move, you also need to spend money for a move. That doesn’t just mean paying for just the move itself – it means spending money to adequately protect your belongings too.

Moving utilities such as tape, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, newspaper, boxes, and felt furniture pads can save your furniture and other precious pieces regardless of who moves it and how. Vases, pots, tables, shelves, drawer sets, and other mid-sized furniture pieces can benefit greatly from proper wrapping during a move.

As you pack, make sure to have the appropriate number of boxes ready so that your belongings have proper space inside them. For example, clothes and necessities such as toiletries do very well in hard-shell suitcases. During your move, you’ll want these things to be more readily accessible.

Prepare Mentally

Moving is incredibly stressful, and being in a new environment requires major adjustments. Before you leave your current residence, research your new city or town and find exciting things to do in the area. Take the time to learn the layout or take in the scenery and the vibe. It may be best to move somewhere you’ve been or visit your new city before you move.

What tips do you have for preparing to move to another state? Share them in the comments!

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