How To Make A Tiny Apartment Look Bigger

If your new apartment is small, you might have a hard time decorating, as there might not be enough room for all the items you want in your space. However, if you take some time to really plan it out, limitations can make you more creative in your decorating. Knowing these limitations,  there are several tricks you can use to make your apartment appear larger as you decorate. Learn more below.

1. Rearrange your furniture

In a tiny apartment, it’s best to organize your furniture neatly and out of sight. Shoe racks and bookshelves, for example, can make a space feel cramped and messy. Your space will seem more orderly and refreshing with these items out of view. You should also make sure that your furniture isn’t blocking the view into a room or entry into that room. 

To make your apartment look bigger, create walkways or avenues with your furniture to create a dynamic flow of movement throughout your space. Mixing short furniture like low tables and decorative pieces like shelves or indoor plants along the perimeter of a room can create variation in the room and a more open atmosphere. The more your floor is visible, the larger your room will look.

Additionally, try to consolidate and find ways to cut corners. Get a floor lamp to replace a bedside table, and opt for a small drawer set instead of a dresser. Instead of four individual chairs around your dining room table, get two benches.

2. Use mirrors

Mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light, making a room feel brighter and larger during the day and night. Wall-mounted mirrors and mirrored cabinet doors can add the illusion of more space while being expressive and stylish. In fact, placing a mirror across from a window will make your apartment feel especially alive. The outside light will combine with your mirror to alter your space’s perceived depth to create your desired open, warm effect.

3. Decorate with light colors

Maintaining a specific color scheme can keep you from crowding a room with items and furniture. Most rentals will already be painted in a light color, and vertical striped wallpaper or patterned ceilings can change the feeling of depth in a room. Floor-to-ceiling curtains in a bright color can also make a room feel taller and more harmonious. Aesthetically pleasing color accent pieces will make your small space feel bigger and more welcoming.

4. Multifunctional furniture

Convertible couches can practically turn your tiny apartment’s living room into a bedroom, resulting in a more spacious feel. Storage beds, storage couches, and storage benches can help create a deceptively minimalist yet entirely functional space. An ottoman can make a great footrest and provide stylish, convenient storage. A proper bed frame can also provide space for storage underneath. The more elevated the frame, the more open your room will seem.

Have you tried any tips to make your tiny apartment appear bigger? Sound off in the comments!

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