How To Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need Before a Move

You might have a hard time getting rid of things before you move to your new apartment. In that case, you may feel like trying to fit your belongings in an extra box and just holding onto them will be easier. However, it’s much better to consolidate your items and move without the clutter. Below, learn how to get rid of things you don’t need before a move.

Think ahead, start early

It’s easiest to make your move in one day. It’s a great idea to dedicate yourself to a specific day and try to have everything ready to be loaded onto a vehicle at least one day before your set moving date. This will allow you to rest properly before the big day. 

Take inventory once you’ve cut the excess and decide what kind of vehicle you’re going to need to execute your move perfectly. Schedule movers well ahead of time or rent a moving truck if you plan to take furniture with you. If you don’t have too much furniture, a pickup truck can be a cost-effective rental choice for your move. You may even be able to receive discounts by scheduling your moving team or vehicle rental a few weeks early.

You might be inclined to procrastinate, but don’t fall prey to this temptation. Once you’ve decided to move, it’s best to start packing and organizing your belongings promptly. Work toward thinning out your possessions day by day just by separating things you’re prepared to part with, put in storage, donate to friends or an organization, or throw out. How To Get Rid of Things You Don't Need Before a Move

If you keep a nice reserve of soaps or toiletries, it might be a good time to use what you have so that you’ll have less to take with you. You can do small things early, like starting to finish the food in your refrigerator and pantry to avoid waste.

You might also feel sentimental about your possessions. In that case, you can leave the hardest decisions for last when it comes to underused but emotionally valued items.

Selling and donating

While organizing your things in every room before you move, prioritize them into three categories: keep, donate or sell, and trash. Try sorting your stuff into three boxes using these three qualifiers. Ask yourself, and be honest, if you’re really going to use the things you plan to keep. Clothes that are old and unworn but in good condition could be of good use to someone else. You can sell lightly-used furniture for a solid price. 

Holding a garage sale or selling your used items online can also help soften the economic blow of moving out of and into a new apartment. Take this opportunity to cleanse yourself of things you own that are holding bad memories or energy. When you’re starting fresh in a new place, try to genuinely start fresh by letting go of some less-than-savory but sentimental items. 

As you get rid of things, remember that paper and plastic items are still recyclable. Help keep the planet clean by recycling your paper, glass, plastic, and aluminum or finding a drop-off for used electronics, fabrics, and clothes.

Overnight bag

Start a set of essentials. These are items you’ll need as soon as you move in such as clean bedding, soaps, cleaning supplies, tools, water, and other personal essentials. Store these items in an overnight bag. The night after a long day’s work moving boxes and furniture will be rough without clean clothes and towels.

How will you be getting rid of things before you move? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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