How to Choose the Right Size TV for Your First Apartment

Moving into a new apartment can be quite a stressful ordeal, but furnishing your new place can give you a sense of calm and relieve your stress. An especially great way to tune out on your most anxiety-inducing days, of course, is to veg out in front of your TV. The thing is, smaller apartments might not quite have the space for all types of TVs. Here are some tips on how to choose the right size TV for your new apartment.

Preparing your space

If you would prefer to buy a small television for whatever reason – be it for portability or to save money – you should decide where you’d like to place the television while keeping in mind where you’ll be watching. Take measurements of your space, measure your furniture, and try to determine the distance between you and the screen. How to Choose the Right Size TV for Your First Apartment

A bigger screen will always look better from other points in a room. If you’re looking for a television for a wide-open kitchen and dining room, a larger screen may be perfect for you. Screen size can make or break a family movie night.

TV stands

If you don’t yet have a cabinet or TV stand, it can be best to pick large pieces first when furnishing your apartment space. For a heavier television, the size of the stand will limit the screen dimensions available to you, so choose wisely and think ahead. If you decide to get a TV over 60 inches, it may be a good idea to have a professional mount your TV and stand.

Quality vs. quantity

The first regret people often have after buying a TV is that they didn’t buy a big enough screen. Just because a specific model TV is large doesn’t necessarily make it better. 4K and 1080P TVs have such high-quality depth that the images don’t pixelate the way they will with TV sets with quality resolutions 720p or below. For music lovers and those who appreciate musical scores in film or television, a 4K TV will have premium audio quality for surfing music channels and watching your favorite movies. 

The science of viewing

Movie and television engineers have devised charts showing their recommended screen sizes. Their guidelines claim that for a more cinematic viewing experience, a screen should cover the span of 30 to 40 degrees of your field of vision. Given this dynamic, you would need a screen 55 inches across if you plan to sit at an eight-foot distance. This notion may seem ridiculous until you start squinting and straining your eyes to read credits or subtitles on screen.

The truth about TV

A nicely sized TV can help us stay in touch with the culture we’re immersed in while maintaining our level of comfortable alienation. A high-quality TV allows us to get the most out of our paid streaming services, streaming boxes, and smart TVs. The truth is, being able to comfortably enjoy an immersive entertainment experience can be the reason we maintain our balance during our most stressful weeks.

What size television do you want for your apartment? Where do you plan to place your TV? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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