Five Low-Cost Cities in 2021

If you’re looking for trendy and affordable places where you can move into your first apartment, several cities in the United States will fit your criteria. The thing is, some of these cities might be ones you’ve never considered – you won’t see New York, L.A., or Chicago on lists of affordable cities. Instead, the five most affordable cities of 2021 are, for the most part, on the smaller side.

1. Dallas, TX

  • Population: 1,278,433
  • Climate: Humid subtropical with hot summers
  • Top industries: technology, life sciences
  • Other nearby cities: Fort Worth, TX and Austin, TX
  • Average rent: $900/month
  • Cost of living: 1% below national average

Dallas, Texas is a great place to launch your career if you don’t mind long, hot, humid summers. With good air quality, no state income tax, and a thriving cultural scene, Dallas is a beautiful and interesting city that can be explored easily by bike or on foot.

Five Low-Cost Cities in 2021

2. Memphis, TN

  • Population: 655,857
  • Climate: Temperate with cold winters
  • Top industries: Advanced manufacturing, agricultural business
  • Other nearby cities: Nashville, TN and Birmingham, AL
  • Average rent: $850/month
  • Cost of living: 21% below national average

With a booming agricultural business that the temperate ecosystem complements perfectly, Memphis is often called the Silicon Valley of agriculture due to its innovative approach to farm-to-table style farming. Additionally, compared to other cities, people spend less time commuting to work due to lower traffic volume in Memphis

3. Oklahoma City, OK

  • Population: 620,015
  • Climate: Humid subtropical to semi-arid
  • Top industries: Aviation and biotechnology
  • Other nearby cities: Tulsa, OK and Wichita, KS
  • Average rent: $800/month
  • Cost of living: 12% below national average

The powerful relationships among entrepreneurs, clinical researchers, and academic investigators has made Oklahoma City a groundbreaking center for biotechnology innovation. If you work in medicine or technology, you’ll easily find a home in this semi-arid city where major headway is being made unraveling the mysteries behind diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, and diabetes.

4. San Antonio, TX

  • Population: 1,439,358
  • Climate: Humid subtropical with hot summers
  • Top industries: Healthcare and cybersecurity
  • Other nearby cities: Corpus Christi, TX and Austin, TX
  • Average rent: $900/month
  • Cost of living: 12% below national average

With several San Antonio-based businesses ranked as some of the best to work for in the U.S., this city is noted for its competent and fair school districts as well as its grocers. San Antonio may be a great place for you if, long after you move into your first apartment, you’re hoping to raise kids properly but on a budget.

5. Omaha, NE

  • Population: 443,073
  • Climate: Continental with hot summers
  • Top industries: Food processing and education
  • Other nearby cities: Lincoln, NE and Kansas City, MO
  • Average rent: $820/month
  • Cost of living: 10% below the national average

If you’re seeking to maintain a flexible work-life balance, Omaha could be a great place to relocate for your career. Omaha businesses are under initiative to bolster workplace environments with communication and respect, complete with support groups and financial planning services for workers.

What cities could you see yourself living in? Sound off in the comments!

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