What Kind of Mirror Is Best for Your Bedroom?

When you’re decorating your apartment, one of the most important rooms to decorate is your bedroom, and many people wind up decorating solely with wall art. However, having a mirror in your bedroom can make for a memorable statement or accent piece. Since there are so many types of mirrors available, it can be tricky figuring out which kind you’ll want for your bedroom. Below, find out which kind of mirror is best for your bedroom.

What Kind of Mirror Is Best for Your Bedroom

Floor mirror 

A floor mirror can be a stylish yet functional statement piece in your apartment bedroom. After you get ready for the day, it’s great to have a floor mirror in your bedroom so you can see your full outfit. When picking a floor mirror, it’s a good idea to keep the frame’s style, material, and color in mind to make sure it matches your decor

Ornate floor mirrors can elevate your bedroom’s overall decor. A simple floor mirror can also look stylish amidst modern and casual decor styles. However, one important tip you should remember before you get a floor mirror is that they can take up some space and might be difficult to transport.

Full-length wall mirror

If you want a floor mirror but don’t have ample floor space, a full-length wall mirror can be perfect for your bedroom. Additionally, adding a full-length wall mirror can make your bedroom appear larger and brighter since they will reflect more light. If you want your room to appear wider, a horizontal full-length wall mirror will encourage your eye to sweep along a long line as it takes in your room. If you want your ceilings to appear taller, having a tall vertical full-length mirror will instead make your eyes travel upwards. 

Although choosing the right style of full-length wall mirror that fits your bedroom and decor can be a creative process, safety is a crucial aspect to consider. Full-length wall mirrors can be a focal point in your bedroom, but you should make sure your mirror is secure when you install one. You don’t want a mirror to fall and shatter: You can pick a mirror that’s not too heavy and choose a safe spot on your wall. Three spots you can utilize might be by your closet, the wall opposite the bedroom door, or on the outer corner of your nightstand.

Small wall mirror

Small wall mirrors can also be a wonderful accent piece to your apartment bedroom. You can choose from different styles ranging from modern to the newer aesthetic of cottagecore. Although these mirrors are, by definition, smaller than full-length mirrors, they can be an elegant addition if you want to spice up your wall.

Desktop mirror 

Desktop mirrors, also called vanity mirrors and makeup mirrors, are perfect for doing makeup and other beauty or grooming tasks. Although these mirrors can’t show you your full outfit, they’re useful and often compact and portable. You can also find vanity mirrors with built-in magnification or LED lights. 

What kind of mirror do you prefer for your bedroom? Sound off in the comments!

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