Sustainable Living: Are LED Lights Worth It?

Having the right lighting in your apartment can change how you live and work. It can also affect your carbon footprint.

Sometimes, people overlook the benefits of purchasing LED lights because they were previously far more expensive than incandescent lights. Additionally, many people hear faint whispers that LED lights are better but aren’t quite aware of their advantages and disadvantages. If you are wondering whether LED lights are a good and sustainable lighting investment, find everything you should know below.

How much energy do LED lights save compared to incandescents? 

If you replace all your incandescent lights in your apartment with LED lights, you can save approximately $75 a year. LED lights typically consume 25 to 80 percent less energy than traditional incandescents. 

Sustainable Living Are LED Lights Worth It

Additionally, if the majority of people in the United States switched to LED lighting, the population as a whole could save a staggering amount of money on energy consumption. According to some studies, if using LED lights becomes widespread by 2027, the United States could save more than $30 billion, assuming today’s energy prices hold over the next six years.

How expensive are standard LED bulbs compared to standard incandescent bulbs?

People usually buy incandescent light bulbs because they are very affordable. The average incandescent light bulb is about $2.70. The average LED bulb costs about $6.25, though prices continue to decrease. In fact, you can often find LED light bulbs for less than $5 as they’ve gotten more and more affordable throughout the years. The small extra spend on these bulbs may well be worth the long-term energy savings.

How much longer LEDs last compared to incandescents? 

If you want long-lasting light bulbs in your apartment, LED lights are the best choice. LED lights can last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lights. Buying LEDs means you’re putting fewer light bulbs in the trash, which is always a win for your carbon footprint.

Additionally, here’s some sustainable advice: Incandescent lights should always be recycled, though not curbside. You can recycle incandescent lights by taking them to your local hazardous waste center since they contain mercury. LEDs don’t contain mercury and can be thrown in the trash, but it’s still better to recycle them. 

Are smart LED lights worth the price bump? 

Some people like smart LED lights, which are lights that can be controlled via a mobile app or a smart home sensor. You can control smart LEDs’ brightness, color temperature, and hue. These features come at a significant price jump: Some smart LEDs cost about $20

Your energy consumption will also depend on your smart LED’s settings. However, if you are interested in customizing your lighting and you’ll to indulge in decorating, investing in a smart LED bulb may be a good option.

Do you prefer LED lights or incandescent lights? If you don’t have any LED lights, would you be open to making the switch? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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