Is Warm or Cool Lighting Better for Your Apartment?

When it comes to lighting, you’ve probably heard one of the most well-known money-saving tips: Turn off the lights when you’re not using them. However, when your lights are on, they should set the right mood, and not all lights are equal on this front.

Sometimes, you might overlook the best type of lighting for your apartment since your space comes with plenty of light. However, the light you’ll need based on your room’s shape and your apartment activities may vary. You’ll need either warm or cool lighting, and below, learn which is better for your apartment.

Is Warm or Cool Lighting Better for Your Apartment

What is warm lighting?

Warm lighting usually comes in off-yellow hues and has a color temperature (measured in a lighting unit called Kelvin) of less than 4000K. It can be used in your apartment if you want to provide a relaxing atmosphere.

What is cool lighting?

Cool lighting has a color temperature of over 4000K, with more white and blue tones. If you want a room in your apartment to feel more energizing, you’re better off adding cool lighting.

Why use warm lighting in your first apartment?

Some days, you’ll need to wind down after a stressful time, and having warm lighting in your apartment is better for providing some tranquility. The best time of the day to use warm lighting is during the evening.

If you want to invite your friends over, you can spend a relaxing evening together if your apartment is lit in warmer tones. You can also utilize warm lighting for a romantic at-home date night.

Where to use warm lighting in your first apartment

While you’re choosing the best lighting for your apartment, you may want to consider warm lighting for your bedrooms and living rooms. Cozy living spaces may feel more comfortable amidst the soft lighting that warm lights provide. 

If you’re having a nice at-home spa night, you can also use warm lighting in your bathroom. However, warm lighting isn’t the best lighting to use if you’re doing your makeup in your bathroom. Makeup can appear a different color in warm lighting than it actually will when you’re out and about in the world, where cool lighting is more common.

Why use cool lighting in your first apartment?

Cool lighting may look clinical, but it’s ideal for task lighting. Task lighting is a direct, bright type of lighting used for tasks that require focus. These tasks can include reading, writing, or a hobby you can do at a table.

Where to use cool lighting in your first apartment

Cool lighting is better for offices, studios, and workspaces since its bright light is stimulating. You can also use cool lighting in your bathroom for shaving or applying makeup. Cool lighting will also be suitable in your apartment’s kitchen so you see well while you prepare meals, chop ingredients, and wash your dishes. 

Which type of lighting do you prefer: warm or cool lighting? Sound off in the comments!

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