Is a Bar Cart Right for Your First Apartment?

Having a bar stocked with your favorite drinks in your first apartment can be nice, but you might not have enough space for it. One easy solution to solve this issue is by getting a bar cart. However, you might wonder if it’s worth the money to get one. Below, find out some reasons why a bar cart might be worth the spend.

It’s compact with lots of storage

Although bar carts are compact, you can store a plethora of drinks on them. Many bar carts have a top and bottom shelf, and some also have built-in wine racks, stemware racks, drawers, or cabinets.

If you don’t want your apartment to look cluttered or small, you can opt for a bar cart made of glass. Glass furniture looks less bulky and imparts the illusion of your apartment appearing larger.

It’s transportable

Many bar carts are transportable since they’re equipped with wheels. Whether you’re privately unwinding at home or hosting a party at your apartment, you can conveniently wheel your cart and drinks around. If your bar cart has additional space, you can it for food or other things you might want.

Is a Bar Cart Right for Your First Apartment?

You can have a bar-style experience at home

Although some bar carts can get pricey, you can overall save money by having a bar-style experience in your apartment. Instead of going out to a bar with your friends and spending money on overpriced food and drinks, you can save money in the long run by bringing your social life home. With a small group of friends, you can also split the cost for drinks and host your own unique bar experience.

It can draw attention to a room

Since many bar carts have an open design, a bar cart can make an enticing focal point for your apartment’s interior design. If you think your apartment’s walls look a bit bare, adding a neat bar cart near an uninspiring wall can make it look stylish. 

However, if your bar cart is cluttered, messy, or dusty, you’ll be able to very clearly see all the grime buildup. If you don’t clean properly or you tend to be messy with the presentation of your drinks, using a cabinet instead of a bar cart may be a better option.

It’s nice to have, but only if you have extra space

Bar carts are compact, but even with a small one, you just might not have enough space. Bar carts are generally best for apartment dwellers who have a little extra space and want to add additional storage space for drinks or other items. However, if you don’t have the space for a bar cart, it might be better to use the space for belongings that you genuinely need, not just want. 

If you want to make sure you can fit a bar cart in your apartment, simply measure your space. Then, search for bar carts with dimensions that would fit in the spot you have in mind.

Do you think a bar cart would be right for your apartment? Sound off in the comments!

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