What to Look for in a Coat Rack

After a long day of work or even a short period of just going out, you’ll want to return to your apartment, take off your coat, and relax. You might want to hang your coat on an apartment must-have: an organized, sturdy coat rack. However, finding a good coat rack isn’t an easy feat since there are so many kinds – especially cheaply-made ones – available online and in-stores. Below, discover what to look for in a coat rack so you can have a place to store your outerwear.


If you’re limited on space, you might need a compact coat rack or a wall-mounted coat rack. Either option will be helpful if you don’t have a closet near your apartment’s front door, though only wall-mounted coat racks conserve floor space.What to Look for in a Coat Rack

If you have plenty of space near your apartment’s front door, you could buy a style of coat rack known as a hall tree. Many hall trees include a shelf, and some also come with under-seat storage.

Number of hooks

If you have several coats, using a standalone coat rack or a wall-mounted coat rack can be convenient and practical. If you have several hooks on your coat rack, you can reduce the appearance of clutter. That’s because racks with just a few hooks might require you to pile your coats atop one another. If you have the space for it, buy a rack with many hooks – perhaps more than you actually need.


When you’re searching for a coat rack to put in your apartment, it’s important to think of the coat rack’s other functions. You might want to hang scarves and hats, not just coats. You might also want to use your coat rack for storing umbrellas. Additionally, you should take into account what your roommates and possible guests might want in terms of how they store their outerwear and umbrellas.

Coat rack stability

You’ll want a sturdy coat rack if you plan to hang several coats, scarves, and possibly umbrellas. After coming home to your apartment, it would be an eyesore to see that all of your outerwear and accessories have fallen to the floor while you were out. Additionally, you wouldn’t want to hang one thing and have your whole coat rack fall. You’ll want to invest in a strong coat tree made from heavy-duty materials that can bear ample weight without tipping over.


If you’re buying a coat rack online, read as many reviews as you can. Oftentimes, inexpensive coat racks are poorly built and create more problems than they solve. Take into account the number of negative reviews a coat rack has – you should ensure that your coat rack is long-lasting and functional.

What do you look for in a coat rack? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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