Sustainable Living: How to Take Eco-Friendlier Showers

In our Sustainable Living series, we look at how tenants and homeowners are changing their apartments to be more sustainable.

Showering is an essential part of many people’s daily apartment routines. However, your daily showers might be consuming way more water and energy than you realize. If you want to help the environment by saving water while also reducing your energy and water bills, discover how to take eco-friendlier showers below.

1. Install low-flow or detachable heads 

You can affordably upgrade your shower while conserving water by installing a low-flow showerhead that reduces water consumption. As a result, you’ll also save energy and decrease your water bills. These low-flow, eco-friendly showerheads are designed with anti-clog nozzles that allow you to clean your shower less frequently.

Many low-flow and, alternatively, detachable showerheads come in many varieties and regulate water pressure. Additionally, some low-flow heads can help maintain temperature, thus keeping your energy bills lower since you won’t have to use heat as much. And whereas fixed shower heads can be a pain, detachable showerheads allow for more targeted use on your body.

2. Take shorter showers 

You can save a lot of water if you take shorter showers. The average person uses approximately 69.3 gallons of water daily, and just a five-minute shower will use about 10 to 25 gallons depending on the showerhead. By keeping your showers shorter, you can save a substantial amount of water.

3. Shower less often 

Health experts and dermatologists say that you don’t need to shower every day. In fact, showering too frequently can be bad for your skin because it strips away beneficial bacteria and your body’s natural oils, which moisturize your skin. If you have dry skin or you’re older, you may benefit from not showering as frequently – and you’ll save energy and water.

4. Time your showers

If you’re having a hard time taking shorter showers or showering less often, you can use a timer or listen to just a couple of songs while you shower. According to one dermatologist, your showers should be just five to 10 minutes.

5. Turn off the shower when necessary

You don’t need the shower constantly running. While you’re scrubbing your skin after lathering with a body wash, you can turn off the shower to save water. If you want to save more water, turn off the shower right after you are fully soaked, then use your body wash and turn off the shower until you’re ready to rinse.

6. Use two-in-one products

You can conserve more water by using two-in-one shower products. If your hair is not dirty or dry, then instead of always using a shampoo and conditioner, you can use an all-in-one shampoo and conditioner. Instead of using an exfoliator and body wash, there are two-in-one exfoliating body wash and scrub cleansers that will make your skin clean and smooth.

7. Collect water going down the drain

If you have an unused bucket around your apartment, you can put it in your shower to collect water while you shower. After you collect this water, you can use it to clean your shower or combine it with cleaning solutions for use elsewhere in your apartment.

Do you have any tips on how to take eco-friendlier showers? Share them in the comments!

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