Six Tips for Hosting the Perfect Memorial Day Apartment Backyard Bash

Memorial Day is on May 31, and you might want to celebrate by having some friends over for food and drinks in your apartment’s backyard. However, planning and hosting some outside fun at your apartment typically takes a little planning. It can also get expensive fast if you don’t know what you need before you go to the store. If you need some party planning help, below, learn six tips for hosting the perfect Memorial Day backyard bash.

1. Have a simple menu

A backyard Memorial Day party means classic American food. Get plenty of hot dogs and burgers – stock up on them so that you have enough servings for everyone. If you want some healthier side dishes, you can also serve grilled vegetables on skewers. Whatever you choose, get several options so that everyone’s tastes can be accommodated.

For Memorial Day, you can also get creative with your food options. If you don’t have a grill, you can serve sandwiches and potato salad. You can also serve some dessert for your party, such as a Memorial Day-themed cake with an American flag on it.

Six Tips for Hosting the Perfect Memorial Day Apartment Backyard Bash

2. Play some music

For your Memorial Day party, you’ll need to decorate your backyard and make it party-ready. But what’s a party without a good soundtrack? Although it’s important to decorate your patio with some seats, string lights, and elegant bug-repellent torches, your party may feel incomplete without a playlist of summertime songs stirring gently in the background.

3. Serve some music

No backyard Memorial Day party is complete without refreshing drinks. You can also spend less money on your party if you tell your guests to bring some drinks instead of food. In addition to what your guests bring, you can stock up on beer, which is a backyard bash drink staple.

4. Offer a snack smorgasbord

For Memorial Day snacks, you don’t have to go too crazy. You can buy a variety pack of chips so everyone can have their preference of chips on their plates (and disposable plates may help on this front). Alternatively, you can order some big pizza pies so people can eat them between meals and snacks. 

5. Set the mood for your guests

At your Memorial Day backyard bash, people are certain to talk to each other as they enjoy your drinks and the food you’ve made. You can make your party more fun with board games, Memorial Day-themed games, and yard games designed for nights like these. 

If you have a projector, you can play some music videos or cool screensaver visuals, or you can even watch a movie projected on a wall with your friends in your apartment’s backyard.

6. Have fun

With a lot of food, drinks, Memorial Day playlists, entertainment options, and your fun decor setup, your backyard bash isn’t likely to be forgotten. Having tons of fun in the summer sun will be a breeze – and hopefully, you’ll get an actual nighttime breeze to cool things down as the sun sets. 

How will you plan your Memorial Day party? Sound off in the comments!

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