Pros and Cons: In-Apartment Gym vs. Gym Membership

In our Pros and Cons series, we weigh the advantages and disadvantages of important decisions that apartment dwellers are making every day.

If you don’t have a gym in your apartment building but you want to exercise with gym equipment, you’re probably thinking about creating an in-apartment gym or getting a gym membership. If you like to work out in peace, an in-apartment gym may be more up your alley, but having a gym membership can have its perks as well. If you’re unsure about which to choose, below, discover the pros and cons between an in-apartment gym versus a gym membership.

Pros of in-apartment gym vs gym membership

1. Easier access

If you have an in-apartment gym, then if you want to exercise, you can easily work out in your apartment without having to commute. You can exercise by just literally going into another room where you live, whereas having a gym membership means you’ll have to commute to the gym. This is a problem on days when you can’t make the time to commute or hit traffic on your drive.Pros and Cons In-Apartment Gym vs. Gym Membership

2. Only has the equipment you need

An in-apartment gym will have all the equipment you want since you build it yourself. This stands in contrast to a full-size gym, which can be overwhelming for some people due to the sheer amount and variety of exercise equipment. If you’re a beginner as exercise routines go, an in-apartment gym will be more your speed.

3. Less expensive

An in-apartment gym may have some seemingly high upfront costs, but in the long term, having an in-apartment gym is more affordable than gym membership. Gym membership fees can be expensive: On average, gym memberships can cost anywhere from $39 to $100 a month

If you want to save money, it’s better financially to opt for the one-time expenses of creating a gym in your apartment. Additionally, you can slowly make your in-apartment gym to spread out the costs and make your efforts feel less expensive.

4. Work out whenever you want

Having an in-apartment gym can be better than having a gym membership because you can exercise in your apartment whenever you want. However, if you have downstairs neighbors, it’s a good idea not to cause too much noise with your workouts during early or late hours.

Cons of in-apartment gym vs gym membership

1. Financial limits

Although you might be able to make your in-apartment gym match your preferences, having a gym membership can be better if you want to use expensive gym equipment. Gyms have access to a variety of equipment that you simply can’t get in your apartment. 

2. Lack of space

If you have a studio or small apartment, it may be difficult to save space while having an in-apartment gym. Having a gym membership may be more suitable if you don’t have space for an at-home gym.

3. No professional assistance

If you are exercising in an in-apartment gym, you won’t get the professional assistance you can get while working out at a gym. Many gym memberships, on the other hand, come with discounted or even free initial training sessions. Having a gym membership will give you more access to workout trainers, so you’ll get to be around someone who is very experienced with several types of exercise.

4. Less social

If you have an in-apartment gym, you most likely won’t be as social compared to working out in group classes as part of your gym membership. Aside from taking virtual exercise classes or using expensive smart workout equipment that syncs with your friends’ devices, it’s hard to replicate the social aspect of going to a gym at home.

Having a gym membership can be better than an in-apartment gym if you need to stay motivated and social while exercising. Additionally, if you need someone to spot you while you work out, you’re more likely to have easy access to help with a gym membership as opposed to working out alone in an in-apartment gym.

Which do you prefer: an in-home apartment or a gym membership? Sound off in the comments!

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