Are Non-Slip Bath Mats Really Necessary?

Let’s say you’re shopping for some must-haves and cheap upgrades for your first apartment’s bathroom. As you shop to furnish your bathroom, you might wonder if you should get a non-slip bath mat. If you’re asking yourself this question, below, you can find out whether non-slip bath mats are really necessary.

The advantages of non-slip bath mats

Non-slip bath mats and shower mats can be useful in your apartment’s bathroom if you’re worried about your safety. Approximately 234,000 people go to an emergency room every year from bathroom-related injuries, many of which are due to slipping in the shower. Are Non-Slip Bath Mats Really Necessary

If you want to prevent slips and falls while you’re showering, non-slip bath mats can often help on that front. Especially if you have a disability or chronic pain condition, it’s better to be safe and get a non-slip bath mat. Additionally, if you live with kids or elderly people, a non-slip bath mat isn’t just recommended – it’s essential.

Not only do non-slip bath mats prevent slips, but they can prevent pain too – no, not just the pain that lingers after falls. Cushioned non-slip bath mats can be beneficial for your joints and feet since the mats’ cushioning can ease aches and pains. You may find additional relief if you buy a non-slip mat made of rubber or foam instead of plastic. 

If you’re concerned about keeping your mat clean, you can find a non-slip mat that is washable and made of non-toxic materials. It’s best to get a non-slip mat made of non-toxic materials or chemicals – BPA and phthalates, though common in these mats, aren’t quite safe.

The disadvantages of non-slip bath mats

One main disadvantage of non-slip bath mats is that although they are washable, they can be difficult to clean. In fact, the underside of rubber bath mats is notoriously challenging to keep clean. 

In some cases, a blackish mold could grow under your non-slip bath mat, and this growth could be dangerous to anyone with a mold allergy. And if you don’t clean your shower properly, its moisture can be the perfect incubator for the growth of mildew and mold. The mold can spread quickly on surfaces like fabrics, grout, and caulk, and it can irritate your breathing. This is especially true for young, elderly, or disabled people.

Having a non-slip bath mat might be unnecessary if you have a porcelain tub, since porcelain comes with minimal slipping risk. Additionally, some slip mats don’t truly reduce the risk of slipping if they don’t have firm suction with your tub’s floor. If anything, having a non-slip bath mat with poor suction might make you more likely to slip or trip.

Mostly older people and children are at risk of slipping in the shower. If you’re moving into your first apartment, you might not live with very young kids or elderly people. Therefore, you might not need a non-slip bath mat.

Do you think a non-slip bath mat is a must-have for your apartment’s bathroom? Sound off in the comments!

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