Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Task List

Spring cleaning sounds nice in theory, but it can be overwhelming in execution. Although you want to give your apartment a deep cleaning, you might not always know where to start. If you’re unsure, here’s a thorough spring cleaning task list to get your apartment squeaky clean.

1. Declutter

One important task while spring cleaning is to get rid of your clutter. People often declutter their unnecessary items in four steps: First, identify cluttered areas, then analyze how the area became so cluttered. Next, choose the best solution to declutter, and finally, implement your decluttering solution. spring cleaning

Additionally, you can sort your belongings into four categories. You can make one pile each for items you want to throw out, items you want to give away, items you want to sell, and items you want to keep. Once you’ve gathered the items you want to part with, you should get rid of them as soon as possible so that you’re not holding onto unnecessary clutter.

2. Clean one room at a time

A smart way to clean your apartment is to go room by room. You can stay organized by creating small cleaning checklists for each room. If you’ve recently cleaned certain rooms or areas, it’s best to turn your focus on the parts of your apartment that still need a deep cleaning.

3. Clean under your furniture and appliances

To make sure your apartment’s nooks and crannies are clean, move your furniture and appliances and clean underneath these huge, stationary items. If your furniture or appliances are large or heavy, stay on the safe side and get a helping hand from someone else. 

4. Thoroughly clean your bedroom

Having a clean bedroom is perhaps most important of all. You should make sure you’ve washed your blankets, comforters, mattress pads, and bed skirts. You can also clean your pillows by putting them in a dryer on a heatless cycle, hanging them outside, or sending them to a professional cleaner.

5. Wipe your windows

You’ll probably want to open your windows now that it’s getting warmer, and it’s also nice to do so while cleaning. Although you’ll be bringing new, fresh air into your home, you should make sure to clean your windows too. 

To clean your windows, you can use a window cleaner or a homemade glass cleaning solution. If you have large windows in your apartment, you can use paper towels attached to a mop that uses mop pads to clean hard-to-reach areas. 

6. Dust your apartment

Dust is everywhere all the time, especially in places you can’t quite see every day. You’ll have to clean your curtains, blinds, window sills, ceiling fans, books, and other surfaces that you don’t touch every day. 

For thorough cleaning, it’s best to remove or move dust-covered items and clean them with a damp towel. You can also use a microfiber towel to make sure your apartment stays clean. Then, you can return your items to their places after you’re done cleaning them.

7. Mop, vacuum, and shampoo

Depending on your apartment’s floor type, you can mop, vacuum, or both wWhen you’re done decluttering and wiping your surfaces. If you have waterproof backings on your rugs, they can be deep-cleaned in a washing machine. However, rugs without waterproof backings will require professional cleaning.


Do you have any spring cleaning tips you rely on every year? Sound off in the comments!

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