Pros and Cons: High Ceilings

In our Pros and Cons series, we weigh the advantages and disadvantages of important decisions that apartment dwellers are making every day.

If you’re looking for a new apartment, you’ve probably come across apartments with high ceilings. Many apartment seekers prefer high ceilings because they make the apartment appear more spacious. However, having an apartment with high ceilings has its advantages and disadvantages. Below, learn the pros and cons of apartments with high ceilings.

Pros of high ceilings

Makes your apartment look bigger 

If you’re looking at an apartment with high ceilings, the apartment will appear as though it has more square footage than it actually does. Even a small apartment with high ceilings can look larger than it is. If you are tall or you tend to feel claustrophobic in smaller places, having an apartment with higher ceilings can both feel and look better.

Pros and Cons High Ceilings

More natural light 

If you’re looking at an apartment designed with high ceilings, the apartment may have more windows or larger windows. If you like to have a lot of sun in your apartment (especially if you work from home), having higher ceilings can be the optimal choice. You’ll have more natural light coming in. Additionally, if you like to open your windows, you’ll have more fresh air. 

More space to decorate 

Having an apartment with higher ceilings can mean you’ll have more wall space to decorate. If you like to decorate your walls with art, taller floor lamps, or chandeliers, getting an apartment with high ceilings is better than getting an apartment with low to normal-sized ceilings.

Highly desired among apartment owners 

If you are looking to buy instead of rent an apartment and you think you’ll resell your unit in the future, then it’s a good idea to invest in high ceilings. Having an apartment with high ceilings increases your property’s value. If you decide to resell it in the future, you can get a great price for your property.

Cons of high ceilings

Difficult to reach  

Having an apartment with higher ceilings can look better, but it can also be an inconvenience. If you want to decorate but you’re not tall, you’ll have difficulties reaching a higher place on your walls. Additionally, if you want to reach lights, smoke detectors, vents, or an air conditioning unit placed higher on your walls, it’s better to get an apartment with a normal ceiling height.

More echo and noise

If you move into an apartment with high ceilings, you’ll notice that sound travels more, thus creating more echo. You and your neighbors will most likely hear more noise if your apartment has high ceilings. If you prefer to have a quiet apartment to work, relax, and sleep, higher ceilings can be a disadvantage.

Harder to cool and heat

If you want to be energy-efficient, then know that apartments with high ceilings usually cost more to heat and cool. If you’re in an apartment with high ceilings, your heating system or air conditioning unit will have to work harder and longer to fill the space with heat or cool air from the ceiling down. That means you’ll have to pay additional costs for heat and air conditioning.

More expensive 

Having an apartment with high ceilings often comes at a premium. The mere illusion of higher ceilings making an apartment look larger can make them more expensive to buy. 

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