How to Make Your Couch Comfortable for Guests

One essential piece of furniture you’ll need when you have guests over is a comfortable couch. However, even the most stunning couch could wind up being a little too stiff or a tad too cushiony. Below, discover how to make your couch more comfortable for guests in your apartment. 

Declutter your couch

Your couch might be cluttered – you’ll know that’s the case if you can’t fully stretch out and you feel stuffy while sitting down. To declutter your couch, take everything off it except cushions and pillows. Your couch may feel significantly more comfortable after you remove unnecessary items.

Comfortable bedding

If you want your guests to be comfortable in your apartment, it’s best to add comfortable bedding that you can throw on your couch in a pinch. A short and thin couch throw won’t suffice if it gets cold – instead, a couple of clean blankets will do the trick. You can get a cozy, large, machine-washable throw blanket that’s great for most seasons. How to Make Your Couch Comfortable for Guests

Additionally, your everyday couch pillows aren’t the best for overnight guests. Your guests will likely need a couple of extra sleeping pillows.

Change the cushions

If your couch feels too hard, you can make it softer by upgrading its cushions with new cushion inserts. You can take the inserts out and replace them with down-filled or down-wrapped foam alternatives you can find online, in stores, or from a local upholsterer. If your couch needs more than just support and you want to add more height to it, you can cut a foam-wrap board and place it underneath your couch’s cushions for a quick fix.

Memory foam

Memory foam can make your couch more comfortable for your guests. To find the right memory foam for your couch, touch different kinds of memory foam and see how much they compress when you apply some of your body weight.

If you choose to add memory foam to your couch, it should make your guests feel supported without feeling too stiff or too soft. You can find memory foam at some craft and fabric stores where upholstery foam is sold. 

It’s best to choose a high-density foam because it lasts longer than low-density foam. If you want your cushions to look plush, it’s also important to purchase enough memory foam to replace the padding in your old cushions. When you’ve chosen the right memory foam, place your new foam into your cushion covers and set all your new cushions back on your couch.

Add a topper or feather bed

Many people add toppers to their beds, but you can add a topper to your couch to make it more comfortable for your guests. If you have a sofa bed, then a sofa bed topper can add softness while being thin enough to easily fold. You can also cover your sofa bed with a feather bed for added support. If you want to make sure your topper retains its loft, store it in a closet.

How do you make your couch comfortable for guests in your apartment? Sound off in the comments!

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