How to Hang Plants from the Ceiling

If you have many houseplants, hanging some of them from your ceiling can liven up your apartment. Whether you want to add some nature to your apartment’s aesthetic or keep your plants away from your pets, hanging your plants is a good idea, but it’s one that requires a few tools. Below, discover how to hang plants from your apartment’s ceiling.

1. Figure out where you should hang your plant

You can figure out where to place your hanging plant hook based on the plant’s sunlight needs. If your houseplant needs full sun to survive, it’s best to hang it in front of a south-facing window. For plants that need ample sunlight, you’ll need a ceiling hook that rotates or swivels so that the plant can get sunlight on all of its sides. Additionally, your houseplant shouldn’t be too close to a wall – instead, your plant should hang freely.How to Hang Plants from the Ceiling

2. Determine the surface where you’ll hang your plant

First, check your lease to see whether you’re allowed to make holes in your walls for hanging your houseplants. Even if you see provisions against drilling holes, your holes might be easily patched later if you use drywall patches and spackle. Either way, if you decide to hang a plant to your ceiling, you’ll need to choose whether to hang your planter from drywall or a ceiling joist.

If you want to avoid making big holes in your ceiling, it’s a good idea to use a stud finder to locate ceiling joists so you can hang your plants from screws drilled into these joists. If you decide to hang your plant into a ceiling joist or a wooden beam, a regular J-hook or a swag hook without an anchor will be sufficient. 

If you decide to hang your ceiling plant into drywall, you’ll need a swag hook with a toggle bolt. However, toggle bolts or anchors make bigger drywall holes that are much more difficult to paint and repair.

3. Prepare your ceiling for accurate hanging

If you’re hanging your plant from a joist in your ceiling, it’s important to make several passes along your ceiling with your stud finder. After you know exactly where the joist begins and ends, mark an area in the joist where you want to hang your plant.

If you are hanging your plant in drywall, select a drill bit that is about the size of the top of your toggle bolt when the toggle is shut. The hole needs to be big enough to push the toggle bolt up and through. 

4. Drill a hole and install the hook

Start drilling a small pilot hole into the ceiling’s drywall or joist. Then, hand-screw or use a plier to secure the ceiling hook into place. If you are using a swag hook with an anchor for drywall installation, screw your hook into the hinged clip and push the whole apparatus into the hole. You should hear and feel the anchor’s wings becoming flat. Tug on the hook and make sure the hook is sturdy and flush with the ceiling. Lastly, hang your new ceiling plant and enjoy.

How do you hang plants from your apartment’s ceiling? Share your tips in the comments!

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