Vacuuming vs. Sweeping: Which Situations Call for Which?

When it’s time for daily cleaning or a bigger occasion like spring cleaning, some people prefer vacuuming, but sweeping advocates will insist that vacuums aren’t necessary. Others still might sweep and then vacuum instead of doing one or the other. However, in some situations, one might indeed be better than the other. Below, find out whether you should choose between vacuuming and sweeping when cleaning your apartment.

1. Sweeping can reach cracks and crevices that vacuums can’t

Brooms or sweepers can clean underneath your furniture in ways that aren’t as easy with vacuums. Sure, vacuums might clean your overall apartment quicker than a broom, but most vacuums can’t reach under furniture unless you buy a compact robot vacuum. As such, with a lightweight broom or sweeper, you can more easily clean up all that old dirt and dust under your bed and sofa. Additionally, brooms and sweepers are often easier to store. Vacuuming vs. Sweeping: Which Situations Call for Which?

2. Vacuuming can damage some types of floors

If you want to use a vacuum on your apartment’s floor, you may need to vacuum carefully or choose a vacuum that is made to clean hard floors. Vacuums can damage your floors if they have hard bristles and rollers to push the vacuum. These rollers, though great to clean plush rugs and carpets, can scratch hard flooring. Although these rollers make vacuums easier to move across your floors, some floors are better off without them.

3. Sweeping is close to impossible on carpets

Sweeping is usually done on ceramic, stone tile, and hardwood floors, as it can take forever to sweep a rug or carpet. Vacuums usually have a beater bar that is far more effective than sweeping for cleaning dirt deep inside carpet fibers. Brooms are better suited for dislodging dirt and debris that accumulates in the cracks between pieces of hardwood or in the grout around tiled flooring.

4. Sweeping saves electricity

Most standard upright vacuums have a vacuum power of between 500 watts and 1400 watts. According to average electricity prices given this power range, vacuuming for regularly can cost you approximately $5 to $23 annually. Although this isn’t a large cost, since sweeping doesn’t use any electricity, you can save a few dollars by ditching the vacuum. You also won’t be bothered with a long power cord while cleaning.

5. Sweeping is far quieter

Sweeping is far superior if you want to be quiet while you clean. That’s because, as anyone who’s used a vacuum knows, they can be extremely loud (this is why pets hate them). If you don’t want to disturb your roommates, family members, or neighbors, sweeping is certainly the quieter option. 

6. Sweeping doesn’t require extra parts

Cleaning and replacing a broom or sweeper is much easier than maintaining a vacuum. Some vacuums will have parts that may need to be replaced, such as batteries (for portable vacuums), vacuum filters, or a beater bar. If your broom or sweeper breaks, you can easily buy a new one for little money instead of having to buy vacuum parts that may be expensive in the long run.

Which do you prefer: vacuuming or sweeping? Sound off in the comments!

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