Is Living Alone Better for You?

Living with other people has its perks, but it’s not for everyone. Some people might enjoy living alone more if they can afford it, but given how expensive living alone can be, you shouldn’t rush into it if it’s something you’re considering. Instead, you should take ample time to think about whether you’re better off with roommates, family, or a partner. Here’s how to know whether living alone is better for you.

You want freedom

Living alone can give you independence that you wouldn’t have with a roommate. Put another way, living alone means you won’t have to accommodate another person’s way of living or rules. Is Living Alone Better for You

For example, deciding to come home late or invite guests over can be a nuisance with roommates to consider. When you live by yourself, you won’t have to worry about disturbing a roommate’s sleep or comfort. You won’t need to ask anyone for permission to do what you want to do. You can also clean as frequently or infrequently as you want and live by your own rules.

You need as much privacy as possible

People who value their privacy may have a better time living alone. With full privacy, you can do whatever you want in your apartment at any time. You won’t have to worry about a roommate walking by when you want to be alone. You can also wear whatever you want without worrying about how you appear. 

For some people, privacy and solitude can be fulfilling. You can cook in private without worrying about the smell affecting others, fall asleep in any room, and watch television without being disturbed.

You keep busy at home

Learning a skill or doing your favorite hobbies can keep you busy when you live alone. If you already enjoy cooking, reading, exercising, learning an instrument, or other activities, you may want your own space to pursue these hobbies whenever you want.

Additionally, some hobbies require concentration, which is easier to get without roommates. If you want to dedicate your time to a creative and enriching hobby, living alone can help you focus without worrying about roommates interrupting while you’re in the zone.

You avoid conflict

If you have a conflict-avoidant personality, living alone is very likely better for you, as conflict avoidance can cause you to bottle up roommate concerns. Conflict avoidance typically stems from a deep-rooted fear of upsetting others, so it can be unhealthy for conflict-avoidant people to have roommates because you’ll probably avoid addressing any complaints that may arise. As these complaints build up within you, you may become unhappier. If you live alone instead, you can guarantee that you won’t encounter interpersonal conflict in your apartment.

You enjoy solitude

If you enjoy solitude, living alone can be great, as solitude can be tough to find when you have roommates, especially loud ones. Additionally, living alone means you won’t have roommates who don’t understand your need to be alone. If you live alone, you can have a peaceful environment within your apartment whenever you choose.

Would you rather live alone or with roommates? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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