How Big of a Moving Truck Do You Need?

When it’s time to move somewhere new, you’ll probably need to rent a truck, assuming that all your furniture and belongings can’t fit inside a car. For a hassle-free move, it’s important to find an adequately-sized truck so you can safely, easily transport all your belongings to your new home – nobody wants to make two trips or leave things behind. 

That said, it can be tricky to gauge how big of a moving truck you’ll need. Below, find out what truck size you’ll need for a relatively stress-free move into your new apartment.

General truck size guidelines

You can estimate how large of a moving truck you’ll need based on the size of your apartment. On many truck rental companies’ websites, you can see the capacities of their trucks based on the number of rooms you have. To see some major truck rental companies’ averages size guidelines, click here

If you have a studio apartment or a one-room apartment, you will likely need a cargo van or rental truck that has 10 to 16 feet of space. If your apartment has two rooms, you should rent a truck with approximately 12 to 22 feet of space. For a three-room apartment, you’ll need 16 to 22 feet. Four or more rooms worth of furniture will require 22 to 26 feet of space. 

How Big of a Moving Truck Do You Need

If you remain unsure about the right size for you, many truck rental companies suggest reserving a truck with a bit of extra space. Additionally, size shouldn’t be your only concern – you should also determine what type of truck you will need for your move.

Box trucks versus pickup trucks

Many people use box trucks when they move since they are enclosed and thus better suited for moving, whereas pickup trucks have an open trunk. Given their open trucks, pickup trucks and everyday trucks are best used for smaller loads and daily business purposes. 

That said, if you don’t have a lot of furniture, pickup trucks can be convenient for transporting your belongings. Otherwise, a box truck will be more suitable for your move. Box trucks can also more safely move both boxed items and loose items.

Boxed items versus loose items

The number of boxes and loose items you have will also determine how much space you’ll need in a rental truck, as boxed items can take up less space than large loose items. And chances are that if you’re moving to a nearby neighborhood, you’ll likely have more loose items than boxed items. Therefore, you might need more space. 

If you’re moving further away, you may do better to box your items to reduce the chances of damage during long drives. To figure out how to best box, arrange, and fit your items together, you can also take an inventory of your furniture. 

Taking inventory

While making a furniture inventory to determine an appropriate moving truck size, make a list of all items that you will be moving. Just as importantly, indicate these items’ sizes. Next, jot down which items will be boxed and which items will be loose. Then, you can estimate how many boxes you will need.

Moving truck size calculator

Lastly, after you’ve taken inventory of your furniture and the boxes you’ll need, you can use a volume estimator to determine the best rental truck for you. Then, you can safely move your furniture into your new apartment. Happy moving!

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