Four Reasons Why People Live Alone in Two-Bedroom Apartments

Often, two people will rent a two-bedroom apartment to enjoy adequate space. However, sometimes, two-bedroom apartments house not two people, but one.

Although a two-bedroom apartment might seem like too much space for one tenant, some people do prefer this setup. If you’re wondering whether you might fare better alone in a two-bedroom apartment, below are four reasons why people live alone in two-bedroom apartments.

1. Office space

If you work from home, a two-bedroom apartment might be a good option for you. Instead of having an office corner in your bedroom or living room, a second bedroom can be your dedicated office space. Having an office room will provide more space for office supplies such as a printer, scanner, organizers, and filing cabinets. A separate office will also give your more space for your work while separating your work from your leisure. 

Four Reasons Why People Live Alone in Two-Bedroom Apartments

A second bedroom can also be a studio or craft room if your musical instruments, artistic tools, or other materials take up tons of space in your bedroom or living room. Additionally, in a studio outside your bedroom, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after you’re done with your tasks so you can have more space again in your bedroom. Having a second bedroom that can turn into your studio can thus help you be more creative.

2. Living room

Some apartments don’t have living rooms, but if you have an apartment without a separate open living space, a second bedroom can get the job done. If the second bedroom is big enough, you can also use it as a combined living room and office space. 

If you intend to have overnight guests in your living room space, you will have to make decoration decisions that keep guests in mind, such as buying a sofa bed over regular couches. Additionally, if you think privacy in a combined living room and office space will be a problem, you can remedy this issue with a room divider or another solution.

3. Guest space or rental space

If you have a friend, family member, or any other overnight guest, having a second bedroom will give your guests (and you) more privacy. Additionally, if you want help paying your rent or you just want extra money, renting your room can help you and temporarily help someone else. Whether you use your second bedroom for a short-term guest or as a vacation rental, having a second bedroom will give you and your visitors the privacy and space you both need.

4. Easy upgrade to living with your partner

Sometimes, dating someone new means eventually making room in your apartment for a person who’s moving in. If you have a two-bedroom apartment, your partner should have enough space to easily move in with you, which could eliminate a possible shared apartment hunt. And even if you’re not currently in a relationship but hope to be in one eventually, a two-bedroom apartment can help you avoid moving struggles down the line. 

Would you live alone in a two-bedroom apartment? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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