Four Tips for Sleeping Better in Bright Apartments

Apartments with too few windows can feel dark and depressing, but having too many windows can also bring challenges. With many windows in your apartment, there might be so much sunlight that falling and staying asleep may be difficult. This issue isn’t always easy to solve since, the more windows you have, the more you need to do to block light. Here are four tips for sleeping better in a bright apartment.

1. Blackout curtains

Installing blackout curtains in your bedroom will block out the sun when you need to sleep, thereby helping you get the uninterrupted rest you need. Blackout curtains are opaque, insulated curtains that reduce sunlight. Although the term “blackout curtains” has the word “black” in it, you can get these curtains in many light colors that are just as effective in reducing or blocking sunlight. Four Tips for Sleeping Better in Bright Apartments

Besides the sunlight, one thing that can also interrupt your sleep is heat, and blackout curtains can also be good for keeping your apartment temperature-controlled. Instead of waking up because it’s too hot in your room, a blackout curtain’s thick fabric can block heat from the sun and thus make it easier for you to rest. Additionally, blackout curtains are a good way to reduce noise since they’re made of thick materials.  

2. Door draft stoppers

Although door draft stoppers are traditionally used for temperature-control, noise reduction, and pest prevention, they can also be used to block sunlight. Door draft stoppers seal air gaps around your door and thus block light. Although a crack of sunlight through a door may seem like a minuscule amount of light, if you’re sensitive to sunlight while you’re sleeping, a door draft stopper can make a substantial difference. Using a high-quality door draft stopper alongside blackout curtains should greatly reduce any unwanted light from beaming into your room.

3. Sleep masks

Since your eyes can detect light while you sleep, it can be hard to stay asleep in a bright environment. That’s why one of the easiest, most affordable ways to create a dark, calming sleep environment is to wear a high-quality sleep mask. Some sleep masks are also great for noise reduction, meaning that they can provide even better sleep if you live in a noisy apartment. You can also find weighted sleep masks, similar to weighted blankets, that can be great relaxation and sleep aids.

4. Paint your walls dark colors (if your lease allows)

If your room still is too bright after trying different ways to block sunlight, you might want to change your wall color. First, you will have to check your lease, and then, if your lease allows, you can change your walls to a darker color. That’s because white and other lighter colors reflect light, thereby making it easier for sunlight to bounce around your room. On the other hand, darker colors such as gray, charcoal, and black absorb light. Therefore, a darker room will reflect less light, making your bedroom less reactive to the sun and more suitable for deep, restorative sleep. 

What tips do you have for sleeping better in bright apartments? Share your thoughts below!

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