Four Houseplants That Will Survive The Winter

During the winter, it can be difficult to keep indoor plants alive in your apartment. Even if you keep certain indoor plants near a window to receive the sunlight exposure they need, the cold weather can still negatively affect them. Luckily, some plants can withstand cold winter conditions. Here are four recommendations for indoor plants that will survive during the winter.

1. Maidenhair fern

The Maidenhair fern is a pretty plant that has dainty, lacy leaves. Maidenhair ferns are great indoor plants for the winter because they don’t require a lot of sunlight. In fact, they only require indirect light for a few hours per day. 

Four Houseplants That Will Survive The Winter

However, Maidenhair ferns do need high humidity and like to be watered and misted frequently. If you like to water plants often or you can keep them near a humidifier, your maidenhair fern will flourish. If you’re a hands-off plant owner, maidenhair ferns might not be the best choice because ferns like constantly damp soil.

2. Philodendrons

Philodendrons are popular for their large green leaves. If your home has dry air and gas-powered heat, a philodendron can be the perfect houseplant during the winter months. They are winter-hardy plants that only require partial sunlight. 

Philodendrons are also good for plant-owners who are more hands-off because they only need to be watered every couple of weeks. To quickly determine whether your philodendron needs to be watered, measures its weight when its soil is completely dry – the heavier your plant, the more water in its soil.

Water in a plant’s soil can evaporate faster or slower depending on your room’s temperature. Additionally, overwatering can cause your plant harm.

3. Monstera deliciosa

The monstera deliciosa is similar to philodendron plants. Monstera deliciosa is known for its pretty, swiss cheese-like split-leaf patterns. Plant experts suggest keeping them near a window so your plant can get medium to bright indirect sunlight. 

If you have a humidifier or live in an apartment with steam heat, a monstera deliciosa plant can thrive. Monstera deliciosa can also be a better choice for a plant owner who tends not to overwater since these plants require well-drained, moderately dry soil.

4. Aloe vera

Aloe vera plants are known for their fleshy, succulent leaves with serrated edges. Aloe vera is strong and hardy, making it a great choice of houseplant capable of surviving the winter and long after. Although aloe plants are desert plants that can handle a dry environment, they will need to be near a window that gets plenty of light. 

If your apartment runs dry in the winter and you don’t water your plants regularly, then aloe can be an especially great choice. Its leaves store water, so it can go long stretches between waterings. However, you should check your aloe plant’s soil to see whether it needs water because aloe plants can give fewer visual cues that they are parched, as their leaves wilt or droop less frequently than other plants.

What’s your favorite indoor plant to have in your apartment during the winter? Sound off in the comments!

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