How to Set Up Your First Apartment’s Sound System

If you want to enjoy shows, movies, games, and music with a boosted, high-quality sound, built-in computer and television speakers might not be good enough. However, with so many sound system options available, you may not know which kind is best for your apartment. Below, find five types of speakers and everything you need to know about setting them up.

1. Wired speakers

Wired speakers offer a great, high-quality sound that can be fine-tuned to your preferences. If you don’t know how to set up your wired speakers, you can look for “L” and “R” for the left and right speakers on your sound output device (such as your TV). However, some computers (and to a lesser degree, televisions) don’t have a left and right socket. In this case, plug the left and right connections into a 3.5mm jack converter. Then, plug the converter into your computer or television and enjoy a nice, boosted sound.

2. Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers can be used for your apartment’s surround sound system, and if they’re travel-sized, you can bring them on the go. Unfortunately, they only work for short ranges (no more than approximately 15 feet). Additionally, Bluetooth compresses your audio, thus decreasing its sound quality.

How to Set Up Your First Apartment's Sound System

Nevertheless, setting up Bluetooth speakers is incredibly simple. In your computer or television’s settings, just turn your Bluetooth capability on, then turn on the speaker, search for Bluetooth devices, and select your speaker’s device.

3. Wi-Fi speakers

Wi-Fi speakers can sometimes be better than Bluetooth for wireless use since smart devices on the same network can connect to the speakers, thus enabling multi-room use. Additionally, Wi-Fi does not decrease sound quality, which is important to know since many Wi-Fi speakers have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. And just like Bluetooth speakers, Wi-Fi speakers are easy to set up too. Just search for your device and connect to enjoy high-quality music.

4. Soundbar

Soundbars are an affordable way to boost your apartment’s television surround sound system. Although soundbars are not as high quality as wired speakers, they’re still usually much better than your television’s built-in speakers.

Usually, they have an easy setup involving just a couple of cables. To set up a simple standard soundbar, place it below your television in the middle of your television or TV console. Then, connect the TV cable, left and right cords, and DVD cord (also known as the digital coaxial connection).

5. Computer speakers

There are two main types of desktop computer speakers: stereo satellite speakers (also known as 2.0) and stereo satellite that comes with a separate subwoofer (also known as 2.1). A subwoofer is a speaker that produces lower frequency sounds (bass). 

If your apartment has ample space, you can choose a 2.1 surround sound system to get plentiful bass and enjoy an immersive sound experience. If your apartment doesn’t have tons of space, a 2.0 sound system will still do the trick. Additionally, desktop computer speaker setups are very similar to other wired speaker setups, but since they require fewer cords, they’re usually easier too.

Which type of surround speaker system do you have in your apartment? Share your setup in the comments!

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