Four Christmas Apartment Decorating Ideas

When Christmas is approaching, you may find yourself thinking about how to decorate your apartment for the holiday. If you find yourself unsure where to start and want to get some inspiration, fret not – there are many ways to decorate your apartment. Here are four especially easy Christmas decorating ideas for your apartment.

Christmas tree

Christmas trees are the backbone of holiday decorating, but you might be debating whether to get a real or artificial tree. The answer may surprise you: While many people believe that artificial trees are better for the environment, getting a real tree is more eco-friendly.

Artificial trees’ production and shipping processes emit more carbon and consume more resources than natural Christmas trees. Similarly, artificial trees can’t be recycled and thus end up in landfills if they’re not given away or sent to thrift stores. 

Real trees, on the other hand, can be recycled into lumber or composted. Additionally, natural trees help to preserve ecosystems by capturing carbon, and when you purchase natural trees, you help keep local tree farms in business. That said, if you absolutely need an artificial tree due to allergies, it may be more eco-friendly to buy one secondhand.

After you decide to buy a real or fake tree for your apartment, you can customize your Christmas tree with string lights, ornaments, garlands, and bows. Some people like to have their tree’s base, also known as a tree collar, made out of plastic or metal. You may also find tree collars made out of burlap, or you can make one yourself using rope. Lastly, finish off your tree decoration by placing a dazzling topper at the tree’s peak.

String lights

String lights are versatile and allow you to brighten up your apartment while showing Christmas cheer! Adorn your apartment’s outdoor areas by decorating your front door’s frame in a garland wrapped in string lights. You can also hang string lights on your balcony’s banister or around your patio. If you have safe and easy access to outlets, try draping string lights around nearby bushes and trees. 

On the other hand, hanging Christmas string lights indoors is the easiest way to get your apartment holiday-ready. If you have a Christmas tree, wrap your favorite string lights around it. Next to your fireplace or tree, place your string lights in a basket full of ornaments for a festive Christmas display. And just as with outdoors, wrap garlands, door frames, and banisters with string lights to make your apartment look holiday-ready.

Christmas ornaments

Sure, you can buy ornaments for your Christmas tree, but why not make some yourself for a personalized touch? One easy way to make ornaments is by using cardstock paper. Start by making five strips of paper: Two strips will be 1.25 inches by 10 inches, two strips will be 1.25 inches by seven inches, and one strip will be 1.25 inches by five inches. 

Next, punch a hole a quarter-inch from the top and bottom of each strip. Place the smallest strip in the middle sandwiched by the two medium strips, followed by the two largest strips. Line up all the holes on top of the strips and thread a piece of string or ribbon through them. Repeat this step on the bottom strips and then fan out the ornament. To add some extra flair to your pretty ornament, put beads or tassels on the bottom.

Another fun DIY ornament idea is to fill clear glass ornaments with confetti or glitter. Use a hole puncher on tissue paper, then fill your glass ornaments with the confetti pieces. You can also use glitter or metallic stars.


For something simpler, deck your walls with a classic or contemporary wreath. You can hang a simple wreath on your front door, living room walls, mantles, or windows. If you want to hang a wreath on your window, add a pretty ribbon to the top of your wreath. If you want more sparkle to your wreaths, add some string lights or small ornaments.

How do you decorate your apartment for Christmas? Share your tips in the comments!

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