Five New Year’s Apartment Decor Ideas

As the year comes to an end, you might feel an urge to spruce up your apartment with some snazzy New Year’s Eve decorations. You might want your decorations to reflect the hope, positive resolutions, and new beginnings that a new year brings, but you might worry that this is easier said than done. Not to worry – with the below five New Year’s apartment decor ideas, you can easily make your home look appropriate for your fresh new start.

Five New Year's Apartment Decor Ideas

1. Clocks

Naturally, you’re going to need a clock to start the countdown for your New Year’s celebration. It may seem like an obvious decor choice, but it still works wonders as accent decor or a centerpiece for your New Year’s bubbly bar. Pro tip: Place a stylish clock in the middle of a table with your favorite drinks, mixers, snacks, and decorations to enjoy the night while not missing a second before the new year.

2. Disco balls

If you want to start the new year with some sparkle, try adding a pretty disco ball to your apartment. You can place a disco ball in the middle of a room or on a wall near a bar table, or you can use it as a cool centerpiece. If you’re going with the centerpiece look, you can use miniature disco balls as a bowl filler. Additionally, if you have a sturdy chandelier, you can add mini disco ball ornaments to liven up any room. No matter where you use your disco ball, your apartment will look dazzling as your new decoration’s light beams onto your walls.

3. Balloons

Try celebrating the new year by decorating your apartment with some festive New Year’s balloons. Although some people find decorating with balloons a hassle since inflating balloons isn’t always fun, you can easily decorate your apartment by getting balloons prepared and delivered to your door. Balloons that spell out “Happy New Year” and number balloons are great centerpieces for a room or a corner bar area. They also make great backdrops for pictures.

4. Confetti

You can get excited about the new year with some fun confetti sprinkled around your apartment. Confetti poppers, for example, are exciting to use even if you’re having just a small New Year’s gathering. If you want to save money, you can make DIY confetti by upcycling shredded old magazine paper, newspapers, bills, or spam mail. Although confetti can be a bit messy, you can create an artistic alternative to confetti by cutting colorful cardstock into five-inch circles and pasting these circles on your wall.

5. String lights

String lights are lovely all year round, but they’re especially great for holiday cheer! You can usually hang string lights with hooks or nails, and for an even easier time decorating, drape your string lights on your banisters, mantles, walls, or door frames. Whether you choose string light with big bulbs or thin fairy lights, string lights will add a soft yet festive atmosphere around your apartment for the new year.

How do you like to decorate your apartment for New Year’s? Sound off in the comments!

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