Five Must-Have Winter Apartment Supplies

As winter nears, it’s essential that your apartment is stocked with supplies to combat the harsh weather. But do you know what every apartment needs for the winter? Below are five must-have winter apartment supplies.

1. Salt

As you probably know, ice forms when its temperature reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and winter temperatures often dip well below this threshold—that’s why wintertime stairs, sidewalks, and roadways can quickly become slippery and dangerous. The road salt used to melt sidewalk—which is rock salt, or table salt in its natural form—is one of the most affordable, quick, and trusted de-icers you can find in stores and online. With ample salt on hand, you (and any guests who visit you) don’t have to worry about slipping on the outdoor stairs to your apartment and getting seriously hurt.

2. Shovel

Chances are that you’ll need a shovel when it starts to snow, especially if you drive often. That said, it’s also important to have a shovel so you can safely traverse the stairs and sidewalk outside your apartment. But don’t use a regular shovel—get a snow shovel

Snow shovels are great for more than just snow—if you have thick ice near your apartment, a shovel will come in handy to break that up too. You can also use a scraper shovel to scrape any additional ice. If your shovel gets stuck in the snow often, try an ingenious snow shoveling hack: Coat your shovel (but not its handle) with cooking spray. If you do this, simply wipe the shovel clean after you’re done.Five Must-Have Winter Apartment Supplies

3. Boot tray

Keep your apartment’s carpeting and floors clear of dirty snow, salt, and sludge with a boot tray. Whether you’re returning from walking outside or shoveling for an extended period, your winter boots—especially their soles—will get plenty of snow and ice stuck to them. Without a boot tray, this ice and snow will melt all over your apartment, but with a boot tray, all the water collects away from your floor, thus preventing wet, dirty puddles. 

Put your boot tray by your apartment’s front door, and once you come home, you can relax knowing that your carpet and floors will stay dry and clean. If you don’t have a boot tray, you can use a spare cookie sheet as a great substitute.

4. Humidifier

Get a humidifier to combat the cold, dry air that often accompanies temperature drops. Dry air can cause some pretty unfun bodily issues—chapped lips, dry skin, and nosebleeds, not to mention worsened allergies and possibly even respiratory issues. Humidifiers can ail these woes by producing and releasing steam, thus adding moisture to your apartment’s air. 

When it’s cold outside, the moisture that a humidifier adds to the air can make it more comfortable to breathe and sleep. And of course, when you breathe and sleep better, your overall health improves. 

Humidifier upkeep is usually a breeze. Some humidifiers are easy to clean with vinegar or a cleaning solution, and others are dishwasher-safe.

5. Door draft stopper

Place a door draft stopper at the bottom of your doors or your windows to keep drafts out. These devices are often affordable, and they can also decrease outside noise. They are often made with a thick fabric and filled with cotton, rice, or ground stone. You can even make your own draft stopper by filling a sock with rice, beans, sand, or kitty litter. With a door draft stopper, you can stay warmer and feel less inclined to raise your thermostat, thus preventing a higher heating bill.

What are your must-have winter apartment essentials? Sound off in the comments!

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