Five Hanukkah Apartment Decoration Ideas

With Hanukkah nearing, you may be wondering how to decorate your apartment if you celebrate – after all, homes adorably decorated for Christmas might feel more common than ones decked out for Hanukkah. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to get your space Hanukkah-ready. Here are five Hanukkah decoration ideas for your apartment.

Five Hanukkah Apartment Decoration Ideas


As you probably know from your years of celebrating Hanukkah, a menorah, also known as a hanukkiah, holds nine candles (though some menorahs have seven candles) lit on each night of Hanukkah. These festive candelabras come in modern and traditional designs, and you no longer need candles for them—some menorahs are inflatable and battery-operated. These candle-free options reduce fire hazards and look great as decorations anywhere in your apartment.

Star of David Wreaths

Wreaths aren’t only for Christmas—you can make a simple yet beautiful wreath for Hanukkah too (or buy one if you’re not super crafty). Your wreath should comprise straight branches shaped into the Star of David. You can make the star from craft store silk branches or avoid spending money and use branch clippings from your apartment’s yard or nearby trees. 

If you opt for natural branches, use wire clippers or a floral trimmer to cut the branches. Then, add some greenery to your wreath and tie your Star of David with twine. Your final step is to celebrate your Hanukkah festivities with a pretty Star of David wreath and enjoy the holiday.

String lights

Get into the spirit of the Festival of Lights (Hanukkah’s more casual name for the uninitiated) by setting LED string lights in your apartment. Just as Christmas string lights are abundant, there are many Hanukkah-themed string lights available online and in stores. Usually, you can find Star of David lights and dreidel lights, and some come with a remote and a timer. 

String lights can brighten up your banisters, windows, doorways, and other parts of your apartment. Although they are easy to install, you can make your lighting installation even easier with battery-powered lights. Additionally, if you have ways to stay warm in your outdoor spaces while celebrating Hanukkah, decorate your patio or balcony with string lights. 


You can buy plenty of nice banners for your apartment, but why not try making a super easy, customized DIY Hanukkah banner? To do so, some people like to use colorful cardstock paper, which is more durable, for their Hanukkah banners

On your banner cutouts, you can draw dreidels and the Star of David. Alternatively, if you want to make sure your design looks clean, you can use stamps from a craft store. And if you want to write a message instead of using graphics, spell out a Hanukkah-themed message on each cutout with glitter letter stickers. To form the banner chain, glue a short string or ribbon to the ends of your cutouts and connect them.


Drape a Hanukkah garland somewhere in your apartment’s living room. Garlands are a great touch on blank walls, window panes, doorways, or stair banisters. You can find more traditional-looking garlands or modern ones with just a bit of searching. Some modern garlands are made of especially soft felted-wool, which can be a special delight for your decor scheme. And once the holiday season is over, some especially versatile Hanukkah garlands can be reused for other events and celebrations.

How do you decorate your apartment for Hanukkah? Share your tips in the comments!

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