10 Home Decor Trends in 2021

2020 is almost over, and in 2021, you might want to redecorate your apartment for a fresh start. That said, knowing what you want to do and how to do it are two different battles. For some interior design inspiration, check out the 10 below 2021 home decor trends that several interior design aficionados and experts have predicted for the new year.

1. Houseplants

Indoor plants will continue to be great decorations for apartments and can also improve your overall health. That’s because houseplants can reduce your stress levels and improve your apartment’s air quality.

2. Home offices

More people are working from home, so home offices have grown more prevalent. According to one interior design company’s research, home office design requests have grown by over 27 percent since April 2020, and home office furniture sales were three times higher. If you work from home and don’t yet have an office space, it may be a good idea to create a home office in your apartment.

10 Home Decor Trends in 2021

3. Easy-to-clean durable fabrics

Many people have become cleanlier to prevent the spread of germs. That’s why, for 2021, durable and easy-to-clean fabrics that can be washed multiple times are predicted to become apartment decor trends. Washable, high-quality fabrics are especially useful for daily use when you’re spending more time at home.

4. Eclectic furniture

Many people have lost the opportunity to travel this year. Design experts thus predict that many people will decorate their apartments with an eclectic selection of furniture styles from other countries.

5. Grandmillennial style

Grandmillennial-style furniture is a blend of modern, neoclassical, and Victorian aesthetics. People who opt for this style of interior design in their apartments typically utilize brown and antique furniture. This chic style can save you some money if you buy secondhand furniture.

6. Cottagecore

What started as an ironic, fairytale-esque, internet meme aesthetic called “cottagecore” has now become a legitimate interior design movement. Cottagecore incorporates elements such as reclaimed wood, long-stemmed flowers, vintage pieces, and gingham prints to give your apartment a British countryside vibe.

7. Geometric shapes

For a dramatic yet comforting effect, try adding some curvilinear geometric furniture to your apartment. Rounded geometric silhouettes from the 1980s (also known as Memphis design) and postmodern furniture can bring a fluid, interesting feel to your apartment.

8. Shades of blue

Interior design experts predict that more people will be decorating using soft shades of blue such as sky blue and powder blue. To give your apartment a soothing atmosphere, you can decorate it using timeless, relaxing shades of blue.

9. Warm, earthy palettes

Rattan, creams, and camel colors have become more popular. Earthy textures such as jute, ceramic, and other organic fibers can provide a natural, eco-friendly look.

10. Lighter-toned wood

More people are becoming fans of minimalist and zen-inspired interior design. If this sounds like you, then try decorating with light oak and other lighter-toned woods to create a calming effect. Additionally, if your apartment is small, light wood can make your apartment appear larger.

Which of these trends would you most like to incorporate into your apartment? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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