Seven Steps for Hanging Picture Frames

Choosing decorations for your apartment walls may come easily to you, but actually hanging them can sometimes prove more challenging. After buying a nice frame for your wall art, you’ll need to prevent damage to both your art and your wall as you hang it. Here are seven steps to safely hang your picture frames.

1. Choose a frame

Your wall art should fit the interior design of the room that you want to decorate, and you should use your stylistic preferences to choose the best picture frames for your apartment. For example, if you want a gallery wall with a clean design, get a black-and-white picture frame. Many gallery-styled 11” x 14” frames that fit an 8” x 10” photograph come with hanging hardware that you can use for the remaining steps in this list.

If you take many photographs and you want to show off your work, get a collage frame that holds multiple pictures. If you have rustic interior design, a vintage, weathered wooden frame may look perfect for your apartment. Use your best judgment to buy a picture frame that fits your style and is easy to hang on your apartment’s walls.Seven Steps for Hanging Picture Frames

2. Decide where to hang your picture frame

Deciding where to hang your wall art is essential. Pick an area of your wall that complements your room design, the shape of your walls, and your picture frame. For example, you may want to put a frame near your couch or bed to make your furniture appear more exciting. 

Alternatively, you can provide more symmetry to your room by adding another frame and placing your frames equidistant from each other, thus “framing” your furniture. By carefully considering the placement and orientation of your wall art, you can elevate your apartment’s interior design.

3. Determine how it hangs (and check your lease)

Depending on your lease, you may or may not be allowed to make holes in your walls for hanging your wall art. If your lease does not specify, you should check with your landlord before hanging your decor. If you are not allowed to make holes in your wall, you can hang a picture without nails and buy affordable adhesive strips made for hanging lightweight picture frames.

4. Ensure your frames are level

Use a level tool to determine your picture frame’s placement and alignment with your walls. To see whether your wall art is properly aligned, check the level tool’s bubble. You will know you have the right placement when the bubble is centered. Next, use a pencil to draw a very light line or light dashes along the level’s edge where you would like to place the top of the frame. You may also use a nail’s sharp end instead of a pencil to lightly indent the wall so that you can better see your markings.

5. Measure your nail placement

Sometimes, heavier picture frames require two nails for secure hanging. Use a level or ruler to measure the distance between the frame’s nail holes, then place a dot or indent on the wall at both the beginning and end of this distance. If your picture frame only needs one nail, make one dot or indent on the wall where you will place your art.

6. Grab nails and a hammer

Using your fingers, carefully press a nail into each of the dots or indents you made. With caution, hold your nail in place by its stem and lightly tap the head of the nail with a hammer. Keep tapping the nail lightly until it sticks in the wall without you holding it. While hammering, make sure not to crack any drywall or cause additional damage near the hole. You can place a small piece of clear tape where you are hammering to prevent your walls from chipping. 

7. Hang your picture

When your nail is in the wall with the nail’s head half an inch out, hang your picture on the wall. Finally, enjoy having a nicely decorated wall in your gorgeous apartment!

Do you have any additional tips for hanging picture frames? If so, share them in the comments!

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