Three Fall Ideas for Your Balcony or Patio

Once the hot, humid days of summer have passed and nightfall arrives earlier, it’s time to get into the autumn spirit and whip out your most exciting Halloween decorations. But if your apartment doesn’t have all that much space – especially if you have a balcony or terrace that’s also small – you might face several challenges decorating. Here are three fall ideas for your balcony or patio.Three Fall Ideas for Your Balcony or Patio

Rearrange or get new porch furniture

If you like to use your balcony for work or just to relax outside, it’s best to decorate your space with multifunctional and ergonomic small tables and chairs. Get waterproof porch furniture that you can use all year round for multiple occasions. 

For small balconies or patios, it’s essential to get a table that’s small but still big enough that it can fit your laptop. If you’re not working outside, your table should be big enough to hold some Halloween candy, a few glasses of beverages, or a couple of plates of food. Add a chair or two that’s comfortable enough for several hours of sitting, whether for work or relaxation. 

Use classic Halloween decor

For fall and Halloween decorations, you can use various autumnal elements like pumpkins, lanterns, hay bales, apple crates, and baskets for a lovely, crisp aesthetic. You can add some texture with colored leaves, straw, or burlap. 

For small patios and balconies, small and mid-sized pumpkins are especially great. Additionally, if you have a dimly-lit porch, get a pumpkin that lights up – whether a home-carved jack-o-lantern or a store-bought fake pumpkin – so you can brighten the path to your apartment. If you choose plastic pumpkin decorations, you’ll likely be able to reuse your fall decor for years to come. 

If pumpkins aren’t quite your vibe, try fake spiderwebs instead. They’re affordable, space-efficient, and easily removable. When you’re feeling extra creepy, add little tombstones, tiny fake skeletons, or artificial single bones to the white-mesh spiderwebs around your porch. 

If you’re giving out candy to trick-and-treaters from your porch this Halloween, one especially creative (and safe) way to do so is to use open decorative urns. Putting your candy further away from your apartment is a safer way, during the COVID-19 pandemic, to socially distance and give candy to trick-or-treaters. 

Go rustic

Rustic decor is all but built for the fall. Decorate your apartment’s balcony or porch with small rattan or wooden tables and chairs. Speaking of wood, you can transform reclaimed wood into DIY pumpkin decorations. These decorations are ideal for your balcony or patio since they don’t take up much space, and you can incorporate them with other decorations that have warm autumnal tones.

You can make your fall-ready patio look extra rustic with a combination of DIY decor and vintage items. Use burlap or hemp coverings on small chairs or pillows. Couple these coverings with small baskets full of decorative leaves and colorful ornamental corn, gourds, or pinecones. With Halloween and rustic decor combined, you can capture the spirit of the fall season.

How do you decorate outside your apartment’s balcony or patio for the fall? Sound off in the comments!

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