How To Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Organized

If you find yourself searching for things in your kitchen, it’s time for a kitchen organization upgrade. An organized kitchen will help you cook faster and make it easier for you to eat and drink. But where do you begin your organization quest? Here are some tips on how to keep your kitchen cabinets organized.

How to organize your food

Designate a spice cabinet

Having an organized spice cabinet can shorten the length of time it takes you to cook since you’ll more quickly find your spices. Your frequently used spices should go in the front; less regularly used spices should go in the back. Organize your spices with rotating spice racks, a pull-out spice rack, or save shelf space by hanging magnets to your metallic herb jars on a cabinet door.

Separate baking groceries from staple goods

Categorize your baking goods and your pantry staples by separating them on different shelves. Baking goods such as flour, sugar, baking soda, baking soda, and similar products should be on one shelf. Packaged pantry food such as canned goods, sauces, and rice can go on another shelf.

How To Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Organized

Don’t put fruits and vegetables in cabinets

If you want your store fruits and vegetables, it’s recommended not to store them in cabinets. Proper fruit and vegetable storage usually requires countertops, fridge space, and perhaps hanging baskets.

How to organize your kitchen supplies

Put pots and pans in a ground-level cabinet

Place all your pots and skillets in a ground-level kitchen cabinet. A ground-level corner cabinet, often bigger than average cabinets, can be utilized to keep all your cookware and their lids in one space. 

Baking trays and ovenware

Never again sort through piles of baking trays. Organize your baking trays and ovenware with a vertical divider. While vertical rather than horizontal storage may seem counterintuitive, there are numerous advantages to using vertical racks instead.

Get a silverware organizer

The silverware drawer is one of the most frequently used shelves in a kitchen, so it can be prone to clutter. If your silverware drawer is disorganized, get a silverware organizer to sort it.. If you prefer not to use a drawer, you can use a silverware caddy to organize your utensils.

Keep cups and dishes in separate cabinets, but near each other

Glasses and dishware should be in their respective designated cabinets next to each other. Simply line up your glass cups on a shelf. Ceramic coffee mugs can be organized on another shelf. 

If you have open shelving, display your cups to your preferences. No matter where you store your cups, store them upside down to prevent damage as well as dust accumulation. 

You should also stack your other dishware in a separate cabinet. For easy accessibility, organize plates and bowls of the same style and size together.

How to store other appliances and kitchenware

When it comes to other appliances and kitchenware, follow the below general tips:

  • Stack your plastic containers in a cabinet or pantry area.
  • Arrange your spatulas, wood spoons, and other preparation utensils in a wide drawer or a caddy near your stove.
  • Keep appliances such as blenders, food processors, and other kitchen appliances on your countertop, in a cabinet, or on opening shelving.
  • Use any remaining open cabinets for various needs such as stockpots and reusable dishcloths.

What are your favorite kitchen storage methods? Share your organization tips in the comments!

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