Pros and Cons: Water Filtration Systems vs. Water Delivery Services

In our Pros and Cons series, we weigh the advantages and disadvantages of important decisions that apartment dwellers are making every day.

If water is not properly purified, it can contain undesirable tastes and metals or, worse yet, illness-causing microorganisms that can pose a risk to your health. Filtered tap water may be more pleasing to smell, taste, and use because water filters remove most, and in some cases all, of the contaminants found in city, county, or well lines. Below, explore the pros and cons of at-home water filtering and water delivery services.

Pros and Cons Water Filtration Systems vs. Water Delivery Services

Pros of at-home water filters

Easier to get and refill

Tap filters, water filtration jugs, and other small, over-the-counter water purification systems are convenient to purchase. They are also easy to transport and very user-friendly. 


Water filters are an eco-friendly way to consume water since they decreased the purchase and use of single-use plastic water bottles. There are many ways to filter water, whether via chemicals such as chlorine and iodine or physical filtration systems.

Less expensive

The initial cost of a water filter may depend on the type of filter you buy, but many over-the-counter, small water filters are inexpensive. You also won’t have to pay an extra price for energy, whereas some water filtration systems require electrically-powered dispensers.

Works for every apartment

Beyond cooking and drinking, you can use tap filters and small filtration filters to brush your teeth, wash your hair and clothes, and do any other apartment activity that requires water. Drinking clean water from a filter is also convenient because after you set it up, it’s immediately ready to use (whereas with a delivery service, you might have to wait for your water). 

Pros of water delivery

Delivered automatically to your doorstep

Water delivery companies provide home or office water delivery, so you don’t have to worry about running out of filters. There are also various amounts of water you can choose from, ranging from single-serve bottled water to five-gallon jugs. Many delivery services make it easy to choose the amount of water, delivery methods, and the frequency you receive your water according to your needs and your apartment.

Removes more contaminants

Tap water may have a bad taste or become contaminated, and filtered water delivery services can provide fresher water for drinking and cooking than can store-bought water filters. The water these services deliver must go through rigorous testing to ensure safe, high quality. Depending on the water delivery service, you may have options to choose water treated in different ways and originating from different places. 

Possibly less expensive

Check with different water delivery service plans available to you to compare prices. If your home has extra space, you may be able to get a reduced price for bottled water provided in bulk. If you have a water dispenser, you can opt for a five-gallon water jug instead, which can cost around $10 – cheaper than many store-bought alternatives. Additionally, the activated carbon cartridge water filters found in many home filtration jugs will need regular replacements, so even if their short-term price seems lower, their long-term costs may be greater.

Is either option really necessary?

Do you prefer at-home water filtration systems or at-home water delivery services? Sound off in the comments!

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