How to Keep Gnats, Ants, and Flies Out of Your Apartment

Let’s face it: Even the most modern, well-constructed apartments aren’t perfectly sealed to the outdoor world. At some point or another, a gnat, fruit fly, or ant will likely find its way into your apartment. While gnats, ants, and fruit flies are all tiny and virtually harmless, they certainly aren’t pleasant presences, so here’s how you can keep these bugs out of your apartment.

keep bugs out of apartment

How to keep fruit flies and gnats out of your apartment

Fruit flies and gnats are particularly pesky invaders in that they can enter your apartment through produce you buy at the grocery store. With fruit flies, you may have better luck handling your insect problem once your unwanted visitors arrive rather than beforehand. Fruit fly traps, for example, are quite simple to create using just some basic household goods. Preventative measures, though of limited success with fruit flies, can include taking out your garbage more regularly, cleaning dirty dishes sooner than later, and minimizing damp spaces to potentially keep these bugs out of your apartment.

How to keep house flies out of your apartment

While fruit flies are so tiny they can sometimes be easy to miss, house flies are larger and, to many people, more annoying due to their constant buzzing. Additionally, since house flies can see everything around them at all times, killing them using fly swatters can prove immensely challenging. 

Like fruit flies, house flies can be tricky to prevent from getting into your apartment. However, since house flies are bigger than fruit flies, simply keeping your doors and windows closed – or at least making sure your window screens are down when your windows are open – can help keep house flies outside.

If house flies begin populating your apartment, try hanging fly tape near the spot in your apartment where you see the most flies. This method can also be useful for reducing fruit fly populations, whereas other fruit fly and gnat techniques such as homemade traps may be less successful when dealing with house flies.

How to keep ants out of your apartment

Ants can be especially tricky to keep out of your apartment. Not only can they fit through the tiniest of cracks, but they can also crawl all over surfaces throughout your apartment, meaning that nothing of yours is truly off-limits to them. That said, ants may be easier to avoid bringing into your apartment than are gnats, fruit flies, and house flies. 

Whereas gnats, fruit flies, and house flies will theoretically enter any apartment with produce, dirty dishes, or a garbage bin, ants are significantly less likely to go to apartments with no obvious mess. A clean apartment is thus a huge – and easy – ant deterrent. Another preventative method is spraying lemon juice into any cracks and holes from which you see ants emerge, as the high acidity of lemon juice can disrupt ants’ biological signals and discourage them from entering your apartment.

What about other insects?

Whereas fruit flies, gnats, ants, and houseflies are small and harmless insects, you may also be worried about bigger nuisances such as roaches and fleas. These insects can be tougher to deter. For advice on dealing with roaches, click here, and for advice on fleas, click here.

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