Five Tools for Working from Your Balcony or Backyard

With the COVID-19 pandemic requiring most people to work from home and the summer sun beating down, you might be tempted to move your office outside for a bit. That said, working from your apartment’s balcony or backyard isn’t as easy as bringing your laptop outside. The bright sun and hot temperatures can present work issues you might never have encountered inside. With these five tools for working from your balcony or backyard, you can counter these obstacles and enjoy a delightful outdoor office experience.

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1. Anti-glare computer screen

Sure, the warm sun beating down on your back as you plow through your inbox feels nice, but all that light can make your laptop screen difficult to see. Buy an anti-glare screen for your computer so you can properly see your computer screen on bright, sunny days. Many anti-glare screens are as easy to install on your laptop screen as they are to remove, so they can streamline your backyard home office without permanently altering your laptop. Alternatively, if you’re in the market for a new laptop, many come with matte screens that inherently reduce glare.

2. Wifi extender

When you’re working from your balcony or backyard, you might need to close the door behind you. Closing your backyard or balcony door may be necessary for keeping insects out of your apartment, but it can limit the ability of your Wifi signal to reach your backyard or balcony. Even if you do keep your backyard or balcony door open in especially long apartments, your wifi might not reach you while you work outside. A wifi extender installed closer to your backyard will keep you connected to the internet and ensure that your work is uninterrupted.

3. Outdoor patio umbrella

Even if you love all the direct sunlight that your backyard or balcony gets, you might prefer to at least have the option to get some shade while staying outside. That’s why an outdoor patio umbrella can come in handy. You can open or close your outdoor patio umbrella to increase or decrease the amount of shade available for your outdoor work-from-home setup. Not only does an outdoor patio umbrella help to keep you cool, but its shade can also make your laptop screen much easier to see.

4. Porch furniture

You might not realize until you try working from your backyard or balcony that the tables and chairs you keep there aren’t a good fit for doing work. A small balcony table, for example, that can fit a few glasses of water might not have enough space for your laptop or allow for an ergonomic setup that maximizes your workflow and keeps you comfortable. For your outdoor work setup, buy porch furniture that both accommodates your workflow and works well for other occasions.

5. Extension cord

To keep your laptop powered as you work, you’ll eventually need to plug in your charger. If your backyard or balcony doesn’t have an electrical outlet, you’ll have to continue your workday inside as your laptop’s battery runs low. To keep your office outside, get an extension cord that runs from the electrical outlet nearest the door all the way to your outdoor desk. After all, an uninterrupted workday is a more productive workday – even in the summer sun.

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