Three Fun Video Dinner Party Ideas

Just because you’re social distancing to limit the spread of COVID-19 doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with friends. Sure, you can’t see people in person (well, other than your roommates), but you can always have a video dinner party with your friends to make the best of your physical separation. If anything, the massive impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on the restaurant industry has likely reminded you that food is a major force for bonding with other people, so why not use that same notion to connect with friends remotely? Here are three fun video dinner party ideas you can arrange with friends.

video dinner party

1. Make it fancy

You don’t necessarily have to prepare a massive feast of luxurious foods to have a fancy dinner party. Instead, take stock of the decorations you keep around your apartment and other food-related items you don’t use as often and figure out how you can liven up wherever you’re eating with them. 

Maybe this is the time to cover your kitchen table with that gorgeous tablecloth you only use every so often. Or maybe you can take the verdant plants you keep in your windowsill and decorate your eating location with them. Speaking of which, your eating location doesn’t have to be your kitchen table – varying things can make your party especially fun, so try a dinner in your backyard or on your balcony if the weather is right.

2. Make it easy

For many people, being stuck at home is incredibly stressful. If you’ve been feeling more stressed than usual while unable to leave your apartment, then don’t let your dinner party cause you even more anxiety. Instead, make a meal that’s easy to put together and eye-catching enough to impress your friends at your video dinner party. 

A creamy bowl of homemade mac ‘n’ cheese can do the trick, as can a simple chicken, turkey, or salmon broiled or roasted in your oven. If you’re not particularly fond of cooking, then you can take a microwaveable or prepared meal and serve it in your best-looking bowl or atop your nicest plate to enjoy your dinner party in style.

3. Make it more than dinner

It’s one thing to eat with friends. It’s another to make your virtual dinner party a game night, too. Since you and all your friends will be in front of your computers or smartphones for the occasion, you can use your devices to access all sorts of fun online games you can all play together as you chow down on your delicious dinner. 

If your friends aren’t particularly huge on games, then you can replace them with a group movie or TV show viewing. In the era of streaming and binge-watching, going this route for your dinner party can provide you with an especially large number of options. Bonus points if everyone present gets a fast-paced conversation going about what you’re all watching while you’re watching it (but without distracting you all from the actual movie or TV show, of course).

What fun video dinner party ideas do you have? Sound off in the comments!

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