Pros and Cons: Gym in Your Apartment Building

In our Pros and Cons series, we weigh the advantages and disadvantages of important decisions that apartment dwellers are making every day.

By some standards, millennials are the healthiest, fittest generation in American history. Property managers have taken notice, centering fitness perks as part of the marketing of their buildings. If you’re wondering whether having a gym in your apartment building is a must on your rental checklist, consider the following pros and cons when making your decision.

gym in your apartment buildings

Pros of a gym in your apartment building

No monthly membership fee

If you live in an apartment building without a gym, then chances are you’re paying a monthly membership fee at a gym somewhere else. When you have a gym in your apartment building, you can stop budgeting for a monthly gym membership fee. Your gym costs will be included in your rent or the amenities fees you pay for access to other amenities such as your building’s pool, spa, or entertainment center.

Ease of access

A monthly gym membership doesn’t just mean extra costs. It means another trip out of the house – and the costs and time involved in traveling – every time you get the urge to lift weights or hit the treadmill. With a gym in your apartment building, you’ll never worry about ease of access again. You’ll pay no extra money getting to your gym, and you can go whenever is best for your schedule. If you struggle with motivation, this ease of access could also help you counter that.

Fewer people in the gym

If you’ve ever paid for access to a gym, you’re probably aware that if you go in at the wrong time of day, you’ll be competing with no shortage of other people for access to equipment. And even if you do find what you’re looking for, you’ll be surrounded by other people, and this crowding can make some gym users feel overwhelmed or even claustrophobic. Often, in-building gyms have fewer people in them, so you won’t contend as much with claustrophobia and unavailable equipment.

Social opportunities

When you see other people at a gym that’s not in your building, you know nothing about them. With a gym in your apartment building, though, you at least know that you’re working out alongside people who live in the same building as you, so you might be able to strike up some new friendships at your in-building gym. And if your building also has other amenities such as a pool, spa, or lounge, having more people to enjoy them with – many luxury apartment buildings limit the number of guests whom you can bring into amenity spaces – can be a major benefit.

Cons of a gym in your apartment building

You might not go as often

On one hand, having an easily accessible gym right in your apartment building might increase how often you go there. On the other hand, for some people, the convenience may result in procrastination – it’s right there, so you can always go later, or maybe tomorrow, or even the day after that – that never leads to that workout after all. Consider whether you expect a gym in your apartment building to increase or decrease your chances of going.

You might not have as many equipment options

Although you might contend with fewer people for access to the same equipment at your in-building gym, often, the gym in your apartment building will have fewer equipment options than an off-site gym. Many in-building gyms comprise far less space than off-site gyms do, so they have less space to fit abundant cardio machines or weight-lifting setups. 

You might not actually need it

In recent years, at-home workout programs have come to dominate the exercise world. You might thus not even need a gym – whether in your apartment building or elsewhere – to get the exercise you’re seeking. Think about the type of exercise you’re interested in and what equipment, if any, you need for that exercise when deciding whether gyms in apartment buildings will be better or worse for your fitness regimen.

What do you think of gyms in apartment buildings? Sound off in the comments!

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